Jul 8, 2013

MAKE YOUR MARK - Interview with Jeanette Del Zio , Creator of JDZ Designs

Jeanette Del Zio - Creator of JDZ Designs.

1) What was it that inspired you to pursue a career in Interior Design and bring it fruition?

It was my intention to always follow my creative abilities when deciding what I "wanted to become." However, it was during my last year of school that I started thinking about applying my creative abilities to Architecture as I always inspired looking at plans and beautiful pictures of homes in all the design magazines lying around home and books in the school library. 
When making the choice I felt like my natural intuition and abilities with colour and style would be more valuable in Interiors. After gaining great experience and exposure to the industry my dream of being able to have my own business and studio one day became more apparent. 
The ability to bring my individual knowledge, unique ideas, training to the world and help clients make their visions come to life is what really has been the motivation and inspiration to bring it all to fruition. I did not think the opportunity to make my career as an Interior Designer & Business Owner would happen this soon, but it just so happens the opportunities have developed that way.

2) What has been the most rewarding aspect since completing your studies and Starting up your own business JDZ Designs and watching it grow? 

When I first started it was seeing the end result of the project I managed, designed and styled all on my own. To know I could do it and the confidence others had in me was very rewarding. But then I launched my website and Facebook page. I could never have imagined the great response and support I have received. I have received some amazing feedback where my followers are loving what I am achieving and my journey. It makes all the hard work and sleepless nights worth it beyond words. 

3) What in your opinion are the 5  "Must Do's " you would like to share,  for  woman out there wanting to start her own business?
1. Do it! If you have always wanted to, don't know if you should, don't think too   much about it, just take the leap and make it happen. You have to follow your dreams. You only live once. 
2. Do not doubt yourself. Self doubt is your enemy so make sure not to listen to it. 
3. Create a business plan that has your goals and vision outlined. Have a clear  sense of what you want to do and how you plan to achieve it. 
By having goals and a vision it gives you the ability to work towards them and make the visions happen. I had my friends and family tell me to also set time limits  on goals , that was a very valuable piece of advice. 
4. Research! Understanding your market and what you do is imperative.    Researching simple business tools, marketing, social media and understanding the requirements of your business is essential.


4) You also enjoy creating your own artworks and recently launched your own line of graphic prints and cushion covers, did this evolve from becoming an Interior Designer?

No, not at all, it was actually the opposite. I have always been creative, from art  to drama, theatre sports and music as a kid. Art was my favourite subject in high school and where I initially began to nurture my creative abilities. I was lucky  enough when I finished school that I could have gone down many avenues, except I felt I should be true to what made me really happy. I was  always painting at school and making things at home with my graphic artist  Dad, who I have to say, has taught me majority of what I know about art & graphics. 

5) If there were 5 images of inspiration  on your " vision board" what would they be?
1. Yves Klein's photo "Jumping into the Void"
2. Quotes, Quotes & more Quotes. My favourite " The number one cause of  failure is the fear of failure"
3. Funny photos of close friends and my boyfriend. Keeps me smiling when days get long!
4. A picture of Wonder Woman.
5. Geometric patterns & magazine clippings of new trends I love & furniture pieces. 
6) What other advice or tips would you give to someone who is considering starting up their own business?
There are so many resources out there, find them and use them. Plan and be as organised as possible! It is the easiest way I found to stay motivated, on track and in routine. And last but definitely not least, Network! 
"What an inspirational interview from an extremely talented and focused young lady, right?  Thanks so much for sharing your insight Jeanette. If you would like to follow Jeanette's creative journey be sure to visit her site JDZ Designs for all the updates and fabulous Inspiration of course!"

images via: JDZ Designs

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