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  • Sewing Machine (Of course, but if you don't own one, you could always channel your inner Martha Stewart and attempt it all by hand, considering that the original Moroccan Wedding blankets are all uniquely hand woven..it's certainly possible, but you would definitely need a lot of  patience!)  
  • Blanket or Rug - I used a creme chenille throw rug which I purchased for $35 on sale from Victoria's basement a few years back. But this can be done on any blanket you wish to jazz up really....it's only limited to your imagination!
  • Ribbons of choice - (shown in order in image 1) Obviously it is entirely upto you as to what ribbon or embellishments you choose to use based on the style and size of your blanket.

For my Throw Rug I used:
                                5. 5 mtrs -    Gold Sequined pre strung ribbon ( 1cm wide)
                                10. 5 mtrs -  Mixed gold/silver weaved ribbon ( 1cm wide)
                                5. 5 mtrs -    Silver Sequined pre strung ribbon ( 3cm wide)
                                10. 5 mtrs -  Cream Tassel (4cm wide)

( I purposely purchased an extra 50cm's of each ribbon to be on the safe side, rather than risk running short )                            
  • 1 x roll of Transparent sewing thread ( or sometimes called Invisible thread)
  • 2 x Gold and Silver Metallic sewing thread 
 ( I used both, invisible thread for the sequined ribbon and the metallic thread for the tassels and metallic ribbon. )
Before purchasing your thread, The first step is to decide what type of thread to use. The type of thread depends on the thickness of the blanket or throw you will be sewing onto. Basically, the thicker and heavier the fabric you are using, the thicker the thread and the larger the needle you will need to use, otherwise if the thread is too fine it will constantly pull and snap or the needle will break.

  • 1 x Sewing scissors ( or a pair sharp enough to cut through alot of sequins)
  • Pins ( I used a small box of the standard dressmaking pins)
  • Measuring Tape ( measure your blanket)

Once you have chosen the blanket or throw rug you want to turn into a Moroccan Wedding blanket.

1/ Do some research on possible design or layout choices for your blanket. ( Pinterest is good for this)

2/ Measure all sides of your blanket first. 

This will help you when having to calculate how much ribbon you will need to purchase, which will obviously depend on the pattern or style you have decided for your blanket. At the time I did not have a specific design in mind, but I knew I didn't want to go over the top and I knew I wanted straight simple stripes. Once I filled my basket with a good selection of ribbons to choose from,  I played around with a few design options whilst I was actually at the Spotlight store ( on a display bed believe it or not) it helped alot...gave me more of a visual idea on what stood out more, and what I wanted more or less of.

3/ Once you have a design in mind, cut your ribbon to size according to the layout or design you are after and pin the ribbon/s in place until the blanket is completely pinned with your design.

4/ Once all your ribbon has been pinned into place according to the design you are after, thread your invisible thread onto your sewing machine and ensure you have the same thread to match on your bobbin. 
( Different sewing machines have different settings, be sure to set the stitching and pressure count accordingly.)

6/ Begin to sew the ribbon in place , go slow and stead , removing the pins as you go. I chose to use Tassel ribbon around the edges of my blanket for of a ruffled, shaggy look. 

 ( I am a very basic sewer, and I mean BASIC..so I can't stress enough the "Slow and Steady" it helps to ensure everything is sewn on perfectly straight and in line and it also helps avoid the needle and thread locking up.

/ If all has gone well, continue to sew the rest of the ribbon in place according to your design...again..slow and steady.

Halfway through... I decided to add an extra row of tassels!

 How it looks so far

Continue sewing your chosen ribbon onto your blanket until your design is almost complete

And...VOILA...the finished product!!


All up to create this Moroccan inspired wedding blanket it cost me $130 AUD
  • Throw rug from Victoria's Basement : $35 ( purchased a few years back)
  •  All Ribbons. Sequined Ribbon/s and Tassels from Spotlight : $85 
  • Invisible Thread, Metallic Thread, Sewing Pins from Spotlight : $10
Sewing machine, scissors and measuring tape I already owned.

A fairly easy DIY to tackle, you just need to ensure you have your design well thought out first and measurements correct. Then all you really need is a lot of patience as it can be a little fiddly ( and frustrating) but well worth it, infact....I am already onto creating my second...this time...a larger size and channeling my inner "Great Gatsby" for the design!

Right now,
 I Love using my Moroccan inspired wedding blanket as a throw rug in the bedroom.

So, if you have always dreamed of owning a Moroccan wedding blanket but the $$$ have  stopped you , then this may be a DIY well worth taking on, It's not an authentic Moroccan Wedding Blanket ( don't we all wish for one of those! ) But.... its a very simple and straight forward and cheaper option when you compare it to spending between $600 - $900 which is what they roughly retail for these days.


Images: 1st image via Pinterest. The rest are my Own. Lona de Anna

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