Jun 10, 2013


My lovelies,

One of my greatest sources of inspiration and courage for believing in what I do and continueing to believe and work hard towards my professional goals, would be the listening to or reading the stories of other women in business , who share their own personal journey of the up's and downs along the way to building their dream business.

I wanted my readers to also be inspired, to believe in their talents and to never give up on what their dream goal is professionally. 

And so, As a regular monthly feature I will be adding an exciting addition to my 
Lona de Anna blog called

 " Make your Mark" 

This regular feature will share an inspirational interview with up and coming designers, stylist, women in business who will share their story and insight on how it all began, along with advice and tips on how to begin to
 " Make your Mark" in the world with your business!

I truly hope you enjoy these monthly features and find great inspiration 
from these incredibly inspirational women.

Anna x

To kick things off this month my first interview will be with Michaela Menichelli
designer and creator of Michaela Menichelli Collection.

Which will be featured tomorrow!

Dont miss it my lovelies!!

image source: saysomethingposters

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