Nov 4, 2012


Well , apart from the obvious..being so darn gorgeous!
This Paris born beauty has the brains aswell as unbelievable creative talent.

You may know Jade Jagger as the daughter of famous 
English musician  Mick Jagger.

However ...the 41 year old is certainly a woman in her own creative right. 

Here are a list of just some of Jade's acheivements and why I am having a serious Jade Jagger crush right now!

Jade started her family first and her career second. Pregnant at 19 , Jade had two daughters to  her sixth-form college boyfriend Piers Jackson , (whom she split from after eight years together), she did not receive any formal training 
in design.

In 1996, Jade set up Jade Inc. with Tamsin De Roemer designing jewellery,and in 2001 she began working as the Creative Director for Garrard, the English company dealing in high-end jewelry. Her jewellery is stocked at Joseph and in her own shop in west London 

Jade Jagger and her design partner, architect Tom Bartlett, joined forces with the yoo creators to launch Jade Jagger for yoo in 2004. The pair had worked together during Jade’s time as creative director at the royal jeweller Garrards, on its Mayfair store, and on the creation of her now famous Ibizan home. 

She worked there until 2006 and now promotes a lifestyle concept called "Jezebel" (her middle name), which fuses music, clothing, and lifestyle through original recordings, remixes, unplugged sessions, and fashion. 
In 2008, Jade's career was revived, courtesy of Belvedere, Jade had created the "Jagger Dagger," a sword boasting an 18-carat white gold hilt studded with 12 carats of brilliant-cut diamonds, 42 pale sapphires, and inlaid with a central blue lapis lazuli square.

In 2009, Jade was featured in an in-depth video clip for Observer Women's Magazine, sharing one of her creations, something she refers to as her "artwork", a "ribbon bracelet" which features some "easily available household things"  Jade loves encorporating "all sorts of symbols and thoughts into her jewellery and little things they mean something to her.
( will be sharing a DIY post on this soon)

In 2010, Jade collaborated with Swedish fashion and interior brand INDISKA. The collection was named Jade Jagger for INDISKA.

She Also launched her own Jezebel diffusion line of clothing is stocked at Harvey Nichols and fashion stores in 18 other countries, serving the worldwide demand for hoodies emblazoned with 'Jezebel' in gold.

 She also redesigned the classic Guerlain Shalimar fragrance bottle for a new 
edition of the fragrance.

 She also created a label for Croix de Beaucaillou, the second wine of 
Chateau Ducru-Beaucaillou.

Currently 2012 

July,  Jade married her DJ beau Adrian Fillary

August, Jade opened her first restaurant called "Secret Garden" in Turkey


she is Bestie's with Kate Moss...enough said!

images via:, beautymouth, , jezebel, Guerlain, Indiska


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