Jun 19, 2012


I have never shopped at Anthropologie...and when I say shopped...I mean purchased anything  : /

But I love to browse the online store...it's still fun...like window shopping I guess?

Check out these little beauties...such beautiful bedding !! Who needs artwork in their bedroom when you have bedding like this !

I love the pop of colour...but am always torn when styling our bedroom, as these kinds of styles always grab my eye...but I always end up going for something a little more neutral, softer and clean looking for our bedroom.

Still think you cant beat a beautiful white coverlet ; )

Still these are fun to look at.....What about you? are you a bright bursts of colour type of person when it comes to bedding...or more safe and neutral?

And just because....
I thought I would share this gorgeous creature !

images via: Anthropologie


  1. I think that second one is gorgeous but I am definitely a 'play it safe with neutrals' person :) Our quilt is white with just a few pops of colour here and there :) Love Anthropologie too! x

  2. I have had my eye on the first one for a while now, love the colour. One of my favorite stores! I only purchase things around my birthday from there. My little treat to myself

  3. snap snap my lovely, I am exactly the same when looking at Anthropologie but I still seem to go back to my fairly neutral style. Oh well, least we can have so much fun looking and thinking "mmm oh maybe that one ...." without spending any money hehe xx

  4. They do have some interesting and lovely things in this shop :) The bee plate is on my list.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. I am the same Anna, i love to browse too! maybe too much really!! but i have never checked the cost of shipping to aus in anthro, always assuming that it will be too much.. i should give it a go sometime!
    hope you and your gorgeous boys are all well and happy!
    Laura xx

  6. I love that place! If I had Anthro bedding, I'd never leave them, haha!

  7. Hey hon, this is very on topic for me :) Great pics - love the linen in the first shot. We had the neutral linen now it's just me, I'm so gonna get some super girly linen (and possibly featuring pink) ...something very bright or pastel florals, haven't decided yet. You will have to let me know if there is a day when both your boys are home so we can do a day trip to the mountains? Lily in preschool Monday/Tuesday

  8. I agree this is lovely to look at, so unusual...But I am with you, white is hard to beat! Hope all is well in your world Anna x :)

  9. I love Anthropologie too, I made an order with them a couple of weeks ago (still waiting for it to arrive), 6 items and the shipping to Australia was only $25!!! Can't wait for the postie to call!

  10. @anna, that's an adorable collection of bedding! I would love to get my hands on them :) I doubt that they ship to USA.

    Ruth Trayers

    1. Ruth...they sure do...thats where Anthropologie began...in the US...now they offer shipping to Oz ; )

  11. Love that bedding. The first is my favorite, but I'd probably go with the third. Thanks for the comment on my blog after my daughter was born. It was so sweet. I'm just coming up for air now and trying to get back to blogging.

  12. What great finds, as always, Anna! My sister loves Anthropologie, and that fist set of bedding is so unique and lovely! :)


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