May 6, 2012


My lovelies...

Thought I would share a couple of great little finds I purchased over the weekend.

These little beauties I scored at Leura Markets..which is held the first Sunday of every month at Leura Public School.

At these markets you can find a lovely mix of old and new, handmade, home grown items.

Now..its no surprise (as I have posted about it ALOT in the past)
 I have a huge crush on the colour gold at the moment...and so of course these little finds HAD to come home with me.

LOVE these second hand Freedom hammered copper cups..purchased four of them for $8 BARGAIN!
 ( after Mr White gave them a good polish)

Think one of them might make a pretty pen holder? What do you think?

This large Japanese gold fan was actually a purchase that Mr White made.
Having lived in Japan for four years...he became a big fan..of fans ; )
Gold star to the hubby for this one...just $10..and it looks perfect at the moment sitting on our dresser.

Another purchase of Mr White's...this old Whisky Jar for $15
Need I say more? This little guy is going to look perfect sitting on top of our liquor cabinet.

So what little bargains have you stumbled across lately?

images: own


  1. Wow Anna, those cups are fab!! And love that whiskey bottle too. Love markets like those you've described with a little bit of everything and where you can often find a 'gem' to bring home x

  2. Great finds Anna I especially love the little tap on the whisky bottle. xx

  3. None, I just don't have a knack of finding things like this : (
    LOVE those cups though and gorgeous whiskey bottle, good find x

  4. Just found your blog this morning and I cannot get enough of it! Wonderful! Love your new finds-that whisky bottle is amazing!

  5. Love them all but especially those hammered cups! You are so lucky living in Leura, such a lovely town, it's been a while since our last visit, love the lolly shop :-)

  6. Cannot get over your finds! Those gold dented vases are perfection!
    And I have a thing for glass jars of any form:)

  7. OMG I LOVE that whisky bottle!! x

  8. Oh how I love all your little details...what a great find!!! I can't wait to find and get settled in a new place and decorate with all the little, more grown up details! Yay! :)


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