May 11, 2012


My darling Noah

Today you have turned 3 months old and I cannot believe where the time has gone.

You are growing beautifully, filling mummy's days with sweet smiles and heart melting moments.

You are a real snuggle bear and love to be close
Placing my warm cheek to your warm cheek is what soothes you 
along with humming the word..Mum..Mum..Mum..Mum

You are so engaging, and love to smile and giggle and talk ( making a soft cooeing sound)
You are VERY ticklish and Daddy cannot help but constantly tickle you to make you laugh
which starts off with laughter and ends in daddy has yet to learn to be ...Gentle!

You are very strong and active for a little baby who cannot yet walk.
So much so that we have nic named you " Noah Balboa"
With your legs dancing around and swinging those chubby arms like your in a boxing match.

I cannot help but laugh when you pull a cranky face..its just so adorable
and your brother Jacq thinks your poo face is hilarious !!

He loves you to bits and is fiercly protective of you..
carefully instructing people where and how they can touch you.
In his words " He's my bruva..and we are best friends..Like Thomas and Percy"
( from Thomas the Tank engine)

Everyone comments on how placid you are, and that you are such a happy smiley baby.
And you are my darling brighten everyones day.

We are enjoying you so much in the White household
You are the centre of our universe right now and its ALL about you
and we wouldnt have it any other way

Love you my beautiful boy

Mummy x


  1. Oh Anna, such beautiful words - he's such an absolute cutie pie in that pic above, SO much like his big brother. Jacq sounds like the most doting big 'bruva' :) xx

  2. How utterly gorgeous, Anna. I'm so thrilled you're relishing these precious early days. J x

  3. Such a beautiful little boy owwww
    Have a wonderful Mothers Day on Sunday with the fam x

  4. Oh there you are Anna! I just stumbled upon this blog...I didn't realise you had two! I am now following this one, as it looks like this is where the action is at, haha!
    I had wondered how you were going and my goodness how time flies, look at your gorgeous boy! Congratulations on the birth of Noah! So happy to see he is a bright, bouncy, beautiful babe.
    Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow hun, hope your boys spoil you silly xo


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