May 13, 2012


My lovelies,

There is something I have to share with you....or rather someone.

Yesterday..being mothers day...couldnt have been any better than it was.

Waking up to all my 3 boys showering me with cuddles and kisses, gifts, a beautiful card and a very touching slideshow put together by Mr was all just so beautiful and I felt very blessed.

The day was spent at my Mother inlaws...enjoying a lunch amongst 3 generations of was huge and loud and perfect.

On our trip home back home to the mountains from Sydney I decided to pass the time by playing on your Iphone ( as you do) and tapping into my Instragram account which is my new addiction at the moment...I just love it.

There were so many wonderful, heartfelt images shared that day being Mothers Day, which really put a smile to my face. But there was one particular profile who images were just  so beautiful...that I decided to visit this persons blog.

Kelly Hampton , blog author of  

As Kelly's blog instructed...I began at the section labelled " Start here if your new"

What I was about to read would blow me away, bring me to tears and be completely and utterly inspired and hopelessly inlove with  little Nella and her sister Lainey.

Apart from Kelly being a unbelivably talented photographer, Kelly is what I would class as a truly amazing Mother.
Kelly shares her story here with us....such an amazing, life changing story that she even wrote a book about it called Bloom, finding the beauty in the unexpected.

I felt compelled to share her story with you all the hope that it would touch your hearts  in a special way and be all the more thankful for the life we live, the love we have...and the blessings that come with it.

The Story begins here  x


  1. Thats so lovely to share :) thnx friend

  2. Thanks for the lead Anna, I'll head on over as you've peaked my interest.
    Sounds like you had a perfect Mother's Day, so good to hear hun xo

  3. Thank you, Anna. I will check it out! Hope you are well and happy your mother's day was special. xo

  4. Kelly's book has been on my wishlist since it came out, I'm dying to read it! x

    1. No doubt its a real tear jerker. If you are an Instagram will love her beautiful.


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