Apr 25, 2012

MOONTREE - One of my favourite stores in Leura

One of my favourite stores to visit here in Leura is Moontree
Apart from the divine range of candles and burners they stock...the homeware range they carry 
will certainly make your heart go flip flop.

I never walk out of there empty handed !

And now I just realised they have an online store... ( insert sound of danger here)

Whats your favourite local store you like to visit?

images: Own


  1. Oh how I love Leura!! I think this may be the store where I bought a cute bowl from back when we last visited - at least it looks familiar from the photos above. I love that white and wood branch three-piece artwork above. Lucky you having this store so close :)

  2. Are they your fabulous paintings? The last one of the nude is especially wonderful. Looks like a lovely store. These sorts of shops are very dangerous for me - I rarely leave without purchasing something. So different to buying online, although that is convenient it just doesn't have the same atmosphere as a wonderfully curated store, especially one which is scented with lovely candles.

  3. Leura is such a pretty place. I haven't been there in such a long time. The store looks lovely, I especially like some of the prints. I'm finding I just have to avoid going into the city or online for fear of purchasing some pretty thing I don't really need :)

  4. looks like i could spend some serious time in there!!! gorgeous pieces...i would be a little more than tempted ;) i had better stay away from the online store... just for now! XO brynn
    p.s. thank you so much for the follow! love your blog & am following now, too!


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