Apr 12, 2012

FRIDAY FUNNIES - Jacq playing dress up's

My Lovelies...thought I would end the week off with a Friday Funny and share some pics of little Jacq playing dress up's with mummy's fancy dress 
wigs last week.

I have to admit I found it all so histerically funny and had the best belly laugh 
I have had in a long time!

Hope it gives you a little chuckle too ; )

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend !

Anna x

Look at moiye, look at moiye, 
Kimmoiye, look at moiye ploi-se.
( Kath and Kim)

images: own


  1. Seriously he could be Kath...or a Richard Symmons love child!

    Happy weekend, may it be giggle filled,

  2. Very, very cute. Your boy has a big career ahead of him! Isn't it lovely seeing them just having such fun like this? He's gorgeous Anna. Annie x.

  3. Very cute! Won't they be fun to bring out at Jacq's 21st? I'm sure his friends will love that!
    Hope you are doing well Anna xx

  4. Oh how cute!! Grace is going through the 'let's wear nothing but dress-ups phase' at the moment :) Went to check on her last night on my way to bed only to find her snuggled under the blankets in nothing but a fairy dress with a crown on her head and a wand in her hand :)


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