Mar 19, 2012


Hello Lovelies,

Well...believe it or not ...but I have managed to get back into the creative zone and start on some new acrylic artwork pieces I have had in mind..pre baby Noah being born.
Thanks to Mr White who has held the fort and allowed me to lose myself for a few hours in the studio
(just what the doctor ordered) .

My latest two creations have now been added to my Lona de Anna Etsy store : )

What do you think?

Spring Break

 A Day at the Beach

images: property of Lona de Anna

Cant wait to get  cracking on some more !!!

Hope your week is going well !!!

Anna x


  1. Oooh I love it, Anna!!! I was just at your shop earlier today! I'm so excited to get to frame a certain piece that you sent me last year once I get to my new apt. in NYC...I want to have it out front in center and it is going to go so beautifully with my new decor and theme! So excited! :)

  2. Oh Anna! Swooning in Hobart. 'Spring Break' is enchanting. How you've managed to find the time to paint is astounding - bravo, you clever minx! J x

  3. These look great Anna! I love the bright colours you've used :)

  4. love them Anna! Especially Spring Break, so lovely you have found some "you" time xx

  5. Well done Anna - how lovely to get the creative juices flowing again - well done Mummy!! I love both pieces but 'A Day At The Beach' definitely 'speaks to me' xx

  6. Love your work Anna as always! Well done for finding time to do this. x

  7. I love them Anna, I'm glad you had the chance to "escape" and create these wonderful pieces x

  8. Hi Anna. So glad that you are able to find some time to paint. Keep up the good work. A little "me time" is always a blessing. x


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