Mar 13, 2012


My lovelies,

I promised that I would show you the spaces that I am working on transforming at the moment in our home. First one being our dining area/ eat in kitchen space.
At the moment it looks like this...not very interesting or inviting..but lots of potential dont you think?
I absolute LOVE the abundance of natural light that pours into this space and of course the views !

This is one of my favourite rooms in the home and one that I would really like to transform into a space that is cosy, inviting...not to precious I would still like for it to be a space that is relaxing and able to be enjoyed any time of the day..not just for fancy dinners.

This dining setting I love...especially because it was made by Mr White when he lived on Lord Howe Island ..table and bench seats made from Norfolk pine..which you just cant get anymore.
Only issue is that after a few hours sitting...its not the most comfortable seating and you end up with a sore back , so I am thinking of replacing the bench seats with dining chairs...perhaps with something like the Eames Eiffel Chairs..although Mr White is not so keen : /
As for what I would do with the bench seats...already have one of them in mind for a coffee table in our living looks perfect there, the other..perhaps a bench to plonk your shopping bags etc at the entrance of the home?

Images: Own

There are two styles that I could go with...the Swedish / rustic/  industrial look..

Images: via Pinterest

or more country looking, intimate and cosy using a settee  ( a look I still adore)..which I posted about on my blog two years ago here

As you can see..two totally different looks and the options really are endless as to which way I could go....what do you think? Any suggestions please do share...would love to hear them ; )


  1. Your dining area is beautiful Anna, so much natural light and gorgeous greenery. I love both looks however I must be a little too practical and the thought of some of our guests eating on a fabric settee doesn't sit well with me! xx

  2. Check out those views looks like you are surrounded by the iconic Aussie bush what a fantastic location! I agree those bench seats would make fantastic side tables, near the front door or entrance way. Any chairs would look great with that table just make sure they're comfy to keep the Mr happy :)

  3. Gorgeous! What a beautiful space! All I can think about is the perfect amount of natural light. All the wonderful photo that could be taken. Wow!

  4. What a wonderful space to work with Anna! These images are all very inspirational and beautiful. I was thinking that perhaps with a young family the swedish/rustic look would be a bit more practical than the country one. Look forward to seeing what you do with it. Whatever you'll choose I'm sure it'll be incredible x

  5. So pretty! Love the natural light and huge windows. I'd go with the settee idea as I've heard that the Eiffel chairs (though amazing!) aren't very comfortable after a while either. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  6. Wow Anna, what a gorgeous room - I love how light + bright it is and the view is amazing! Your table setting is also beautiful + I love your idea of adding the eames chairs to replace the benches. Its going to look spectacular! xx

  7. Gorgeous room with beautiful views! I think a lovely low white set of bookcases going along the windows would be fab, great for all your books and a nice spot to put some cushions and a lamp maybe - like this:

  8. What a stunning space you have to work with and what views!! As much as those lovely bench seats work so well with the table, if they're uncomfortable as you say, I'd definitely be finding new homes for them elsewhere around your house. I just checked out your settee post and love that look. I'd have a big throw rug or something on it though which you could easily throw in the wash because Nellie makes a good point above about practicality. I think this look is very warm and homely and seems to suit the feel of the room above, especially considering its location. Look forward to seeing what you go with...

  9. I have to agree with everyone here. The space is stunning Anna what a great abundance of greenery. I only dream of that. I love the settee idea. It would be perfect for this space - it's the sort of space you could enjoy for hours, so comfortable seating is a must. I can't wait to see what you do with this....

    Anastasia at Decor is like butter

  10. Great space and the windows are amaze! I love the idea of the settee and I'm loving the 5th look from Amber Lewis. I think it would look great in this space and still have a warm, comfy family feel yet modern and cool!

  11. I LOVE that you shared your dining space with us! I am LOVING charming and lovely!!! :)

  12. yes yes yes YES. Love the space. Love your picks. So excited for you!!

  13. It's so hard to choose one style only! The space you have is gorgeous. I love all that natural light too. You're very lucky!! I am a natural elements mingled with industrial features kind of gal. My taste is so eclectic but then I think everyone is like that to a point. Me...I'm going earthy country meets down town urban meets a little shabby chicness too in my new home. In other words - I can't choose!! : ) Good luck x


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