Mar 11, 2012


Little Noah

At three weeks old your little personality is already shinning through brightly
All the funny little faces you pull make mummy laugh
And now your tune has changed and you LOVE your bath !

A healthy appetite is surely what you have
as now you are going through a growth spurt and and a feeding frenzy
leaving mummy not much time for anything else !!

Your brother Jacq adores you and constantly says " Mummy..I want to kiss him"
which he does..over and over.
He is very tender and gentle with you ( as a 3 year old can be)
and already keeps a watchful eye on you making sure that you are okay.

Your daddy is awesome..and seems to be the only one with the magic touch
when it comes to being able to burb you.
You love falling asleep on daddy's big burly chest where it is nice and warm.

A common sight around the house now is you snuggled over his shoulder asleep while 
he quietly taps away on his laptop catching up on work stuff.

Daddy and I are becoming very skillful at learning to do things singled handed these days
As you are always being held, fed, or changed by one of us.

A demanding little munchkin you can be at times...letting mummy know with your
grunts and moans that you are ready for your next Happy Meal.

But when you are not grunting...your smiling...and this just makes mummy's heart melt ; )

We are loving that we are getting to know you more and more each day
And that we think baby Noah is the ants pants right now in the White household

And we just love you sooooooo much x


  1. SO sweet! Your blog is just lovely; I'm a new follower! ♥

  2. Of hank you again for sharing this with us. Even we are yet to meet, I am so so happy for you x

    Ps loving little mr Noah in (well all pics) but the top pic on the far right

  3. lol..Sarah..thats one of his many funny faces...I think most of them are involuntary that one cracks me up!

  4. Anne...thank you for your sweet comment..and for becoming a new follower x

  5. Oh Anna, he's just so sweet, I can see why you're all smitten with him :) The bottom middle shot above is my fave, he looks so much like Jacq! Enjoy these precious days xx

  6. Oh Sweetheart. Hang in there! It's so easy to wish this tricky time away but you will never forget it/ J x

  7. Hon, I loved reading this latest update on your gorgeous little man - you all sound so wonderfully happy and content. I also had a giggle at Noah's gorgeous range of expressions. soooo cute!

  8. Oh, life with two boys! Beautiful post, stopping by from POTM. - Femme au Foyer

  9. What a precious little bundle of love. Those photos are gorgeous! Just popping in from POTM club.

  10. Love the captures and the sweet message. Your little one will love both someday. Thanks for sharing - my little one just turned 3 and we are beginning to think about another. Nice to see some lovely, newborn images to get the wheels turning! :)

  11. Popping over via Felicity's POTMC - I love 'Happy Meal'. Congratulations on your new addition. So adorable!


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