Mar 4, 2012


(image: own) deepest Thanks to everyone for their congrats and well wishes. It has been so nice to recieve all your lovely comments on Noahs birth and words of support .. I am so very appreciative and thankful.

Well...its been a long time between drinks my lovelies...actually..its been a long time since Ive had a drink!!

Having been giggle juice free for all of my pregnancy...and now breast feeding...there hasnt been much opportunity...however...Mr White and I will be celebrating our 5th wedding Anniversary soon...and I will also be celebrating my 39th birthday this month...( yes..I know..not far off from the big "40".. yikes!!) so there are two good excuses to crack open a nice bottle of bubbly...wouldnt you agree?

We have been slowly settling into our new household and life with a new little family member  has certainly changed the dymanics..Some days are bliss...other days a little frantic and stressy...but most of the time there is this feeling of calmness...inner joy...and a sense of feeling found. Its a beautiful time in our lives.

My boys are amazing...Pete has been the most amazing husband and daddy during this time, such a great source of support ...and an awesome Mr Mum !!...I havent cooked a dinner since I got home from hospital yet...actually..I havent cooked anything at all...apart from making salads and sandwiches..but thats not really cooking is it?

 Jacq has been the best big brother anyone could ever ask sweet and tender with Noah and very attentive. Noah is absolutly smitten by his big brother. Overall he has adapted well to the change and has been such a  helpful little boy to mum.

Well, I am slowly becoming more mobile after surgery ( I wont bore you with the birth story) but yes..I had a C section and so the first few weeks at home were quite hard, as I was in extreme pain...but fast forward two weeks on and I am more mobile...capable...and feeling more like myself again...which is great.

Im happy to see the baby weight slowly dropping off...YAY...I might even get to fit into my old jeans again soon? or is that wishful thinking?

As for baby Noah..well...I couldnt ask for a better bub really. He loves his food and is feeding quite frequently..he has good daytime naps...and is content to lay there in his rocker and daydream. I am truly blessed to have two beautiful lovely natured boys.

I have been missing the world of blogging and am dying to get stuck into creating more artwork and print designs for my Etsy store. Now that I have a huge space to work in I am super excited to set up my mini studio and get cracking.

I will post some pics soon of our new home here in Leura....still have a fair bit of home styling to do...but  it has been fun to slowly put a few new mood boards together.

So my lovelies...things are slowly falling together and we are adapting slowly but surely to our new roles and changes that have come about.

I look forward to sharing updates on how things are going and some new DIY projects.

Again, thanks so much for all being so wonderfully supportive...I hope to be able to visit my fav blogs soon and see whats been happening in your corner of the world.

Chat soon lovelies ,

Anna ; )


  1. That is the sweetest photo ever! Just look at the joy on big brother Jacq's face. He is so loving his little brother!

  2. Lovely to hear from you Anna and lovely to see such a sweet pic of your gorgeous boys...they look like best friends already....isn't it amazing?yes it's a wonderful special time even though it'll be a little bit stressful at time -it's all part of the fun of course - as mothers we soon learn to deal with it all times 2, 3 or even 4 and more...take care and look after yourself, it's not easy after a c section (voice of experience speaking, I had three unfortunately) but it all works out in the end believe me and just a look at your beautiful children will make it all worth it!
    Enjoy this wonderful time. I look forward to more posts, prints and decorating, don't hurry though, we'll be here waiting no doubt about that xx

  3. Lovely too hear toots. A big god bless to all of you xxx

  4. So wonderful to read this news and see your new little man with his big brother.

    Sending a big hug your way & a big hooray for Pete too!

  5. So glad to hear that everything is settling into place and your new little man is right at home already. I LOVE that photo - I'm just dying to see my two boys 'together' when baby B is born. C-sections suck don't they :( I'm hoping I can have a VBAC this time around but as Claudia said it all works out in the end when you see your beautiful children.
    So happy for you and your gorgeous family!

  6. Lovely to hear you are all so happy. Seeing your two boys together like that is beautiful. Take your time and enjoy your lovely family and new home. Annie x.

  7. Congratulations to you! I have a Noah too, and he is the nicest person I have ever known. Your boys are adorable! I miss the little days.

  8. How truly adorable...congratulations again!!! :) Glad you are happy and that you are settling in, I love it, and you deserve it! Can't wait to see pictures from you new home and some DIY! Speaking of, I'm prepping for a big move and can't wait to put your prints out framed, front and center, which I'll show on my blog too! :)

  9. It sounds like life is wonderful Anna, I am so pleased for you. Your boys are just gorgeous and you sound so happy and content. I am looking forward to seeing the new house and will think of you when ever we zoom through on our way to Sydney and home. Hopefully one day I can stop and catch up for a cuppa. All the best for your birthday and congrats on the anniversary. What a huge time of celebration. xx

  10. Oh Sweetheart! It's just wonderful to hear from you. That first photo is so precious. One to frame! We always used to break it down - let's get through the first 6 weeks and then the second 6 weeks. By about 12-14 weeks, the pixies settled into a routine of sorts! Sending you a huge Hobart ♥ tonight. J x

  11. I'm so glad to hear that everything is going so well for you. What a lovely pic of your boys x

  12. Congratulations Anna, so good to hear it's all going well, gorgeous pic of your boys too! Take care xx

  13. What a cute picture Anna! So glad to hear things are going well and that Jacq is embracing his big brother role. Can't wait to see some pics of your new place too. Big hugs xx

  14. Congratulations!!! He sure is cute! What a busy mum you must be now. Have a lovely week Anna. x Anastasia at decor is like butter


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