Mar 20, 2012

HOME TOUR - Sally Campbell

Sally Campbell creator of Sally Campbell Handmade textiles and her husband Greg have lived in their beautiful and rather massive Victorian home in Sydney’s Randwick for 10 years.   This home has that luscious-but-lived-in feel to it,  It’s unpretentious and ‘real’, even though it’s grand and busy and perhaps a  little overwhelming with all its nic nacs..I have to say that is something I also love about her place...a beautiful collection of eclectic pieces from different era's...a home that I certainly gravitate towards.

images via: Design Files


  1. Anna it is a very comforting and artistic home. I love her linen and textiles collection.

    Art by Karena

  2. Love it! This is exactly the sort of 'style' or feel I'd like to achieve within our house - I like the mix of patterns, colours, textures etc. It looks like a 'home'. Thanks for sharing x

  3. You are right, it looks like a well loved warm family home. Just gorgeous.

  4. It is a very lovely house, so cosy and inviting. xx

  5. It's very beautiful. My hubby and I are building right now and I am doing white right through in various values, so I can see in these images, I am on to something. I'll let the decor and furniture speak for themselves : )

  6. a lovely house-enough 'things' to make it feel homely but not cluttered


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