Feb 12, 2012


Hello my lovelies....

Well...I thought I'd better squeeze in an Hello as it has been a while...the craziness has subsided now and we have been enjoying our new home in Leura so much.
It really is beautiful here, and it is such an amazing feeling to be able to look out of any window in the home and see beautiful green trees and blooming flowers in a gorgeous cottage garden.

So much to share, news wise..and lots of pics to come of course.
But firstly I thought with bubs not long due I would give you an update on how the nursery is coming along.

Finally after all the unpacking I have now managed to spend a little bit of time actually styling some of the rooms...with the Nursery being top priority....I just have to have it finished and ready.

A few things I have purchased so far for the Nursery

1 / Lilbaby Moses Bassinett from Big W - $98
I had been on the hunt for one of these for the last few months and kept my eyes peeled on Ebay....when one day I was shocked to see a stack of shelves filled with them at Big W of all places...I was super chuffed and of course snapped one up right away.

2/ Bebelicious Rocking Stand in Ivory $99
Of course I needed a stand to go with the bassinett and found a beautiful Ivory Rocking Stand on Bebelicious and the two look just perfect together. Kitty from Bebelicious was so super helpful and I received my stand two days after ordering, great service..and super easy to put together.

3/ Etsy Kathy Panton Print - You are my Sunshine $16
This print is so gorgeous, it was very hard to choose from  Kathy's prints as they are all just so gorgeous, but I loved this one especially and the colours will tie in with everything else I have in mind for the nursery.

4/ Ikea Lobbo Shade $4.99
I already had a lamp base that I wanted to use for the nursery and so I was on the hunt for a simple small shade for it, these Lobbo Shade are super cute and super cheap, so I bought two..green and yellow.

5/ Ikea Gulliver Change Table $149
Mr White chose this one, he liked the simplicity of it and we both agreed that we didnt want a change table that took up too much space in the nursery. Very sturdy and reasonably priced.

6/ Ikea Vitaminer Siffra Quilt Cover $ 25
I was struggling to find a cover for baby's cot that wasnt too cutesy pie..too babyish..if you know what I mean??...I didnt want teddies..jungle animals..sail boats...or frog...NO WAY!
I loved the colour scheme in this quilt cover and thought the numbers were fun. I didnt mind that it was a single size as I just folded over part of the cover and it looks fab.

There are still a few little purchases before the nursery is complete, more decorative pieces really.
I would love to add a nice nursery chair, some bunting perhaps and more wall art...but it has come together quite nicely...I cannot wait to show you the end results !!


  1. Very cute Anna! Love that print and all the bright colours :)

  2. Oh I'm so pleased to hear that you've settled in well! Leura is such a lovely spot. Your purchases are very cute. It's fun getting things together for the nursery isn't it? Very, very happy for you m'love :)

  3. Hi Anna,

    Everything looks lovely! Makes me want to go back an do it all over again...I can only imagine how beautiful it is all going to look when complete.

    I hope you are well xo

  4. I love those things you have chosen, esp the Moses basket! And I'm so glad that you guys are settling in so well in Leura! I'm so jealous, it's my fav suburb in the BMts.
    You have to post a baby bump pic too my dear,

  5. How exciting, the nursery is going to look so amazing :)
    Glad to hear you're settling into the new home x

  6. Ooh, it's so fabulous to hear from you, Anna. I'm so pleased the move is behind you now and you can quietly *nest*. Some fabulous choices there, Lovely. Please send me your new address! J x

  7. How fun! I love everything here. So sweet and tender.

  8. Lovely styling, hon and great score on the Moses basket from Big W - looks Double Bay :)


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