Feb 14, 2012


I have been very slack at posting baby belly shots...but well...in all fairness..with all the packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, cleaning and sorting...there really hasnt been much time to stop and take a belly shot.
I mentioned to hubby last night that I felt bad about this as I feel I havent recorded the stages of this pregnanacy as much as I did when I was pregnant with Jacq ; (

So here is a shot...this was taken two weeks ago when I was 37 weeks...and baby bump has grown much more since then...but well..here you are little guy...not far from entering the world...and doing a nice job of giving mummy a protruding belly button.

Now that I have entered my 39th week...today I have been sorting out my hospital bag, and nappy bag.

Topped up on new toiletries that I needed, coloured my hair ( got rid of those dreaded greys) , purchased some new PJ's and slippers for the hospital (and a couple of good maternity bra's ) I love those bonds maternity singlets...so super comfortable and easy for feeding.

Tomorrow I think I will book in for a pedicure and manicure...just to feel refreshed , well manicured and good about myself..I think its important to pamper yourself before bubs arrives, because lets face it...for at least the first few weeks after arriving home...following any kind of beauty routine...or trying to have some sort of style...doesnt exist! Its grabbing what is clean and comfy !

So my lovelies....I am guessing my next post on this blog will be when I have a spare moment to stop and give you all a proper introduction to the new little man in my life...our lives ... ; )

Eeeeek....Sooooo excited..and nervous....cant wait!!

Anna x


  1. Stretching my arms to give you a long distance hug and say I'm SO excited for you Lovely!


  2. Love to you all. So much fun having the second baby. You look fabulous and I wish you and your family a lovely next few weeks. Annie x.

  3. I've been thinking about you! Not long now! Good luck! xo

  4. I hope it all goes incredibly smoothly Anna. Enjoy xx

  5. Thanks so much everyone...look forward to sharing the joy with you all : ) x

  6. I'm beyond excited for you! Your belly is so full of love! Beautiful!

  7. Oh Gorgeous! You are very much in my thoughts, especially as you're dealing with the heat as well. I'm eagerly awaiting your news. J x

  8. Best wishes for a smooth delivery. I hope it all goes swimmingly! Take care xx

  9. I hope it all goes smoothly Anna; enjoy your few days of pampering before bub arrives xx

  10. Gosh! I am so excited for you!!!!

  11. Good luck to you! You are looking fabulous!

  12. Oh my gosh Anna, I really cannot believe the time has almost come... your pregancy has gone so quickly and what a whirlwind few months for you! Wishing you a smooth labour and birth my lovely, I am sure you are all beyond exited to meet the new addition to your gorgeous family. And how special for little Jacq, a new brother for him! I will be thinking of you :) Much love... Son x

  13. So EXCITING, can't wait to meet him.
    Even though we can't see you're pretty little face in the pic, you're looking really well.
    Take care lovely, thinking of you at such an beautiful time xx

  14. Oh that is so lovely!!! Ill be praying for you my lovely. Enjoy every moment with your 3 boys! xxxx

  15. Oh how i love a protruding belly button!! You look amazing - good luck...hope your doing lots of nurturing of you - sounds like things have been crazy for you...hope your resting xx

  16. Any day now! Best of Wishes.
    Little boys rule! That's coming from a mum of three! haha
    x Jode

  17. How exciting Anna...your belly looks pretty fab if I may say...:) Enjoy your pampering, you surely deserve it after all the sorting and packing you have been doing. xo

  18. How damn cute do you look!!!!


    Sooo exciting- so looking forward to your next post- whenever that may be....

    Huge hugs and blog friendship and love for the journey...

    A lovely old woman once told me, * you never find more time, but you always find more love- even when you can't imagine loving another person as much as the child you already have*...

    How wise and true these words have been over the years- three kids later and a lot of love with no time - and I still smile every time I think of her....

    Enjoy the journey of adding to your wonderful family sweet....


    (Miss Sew & So)

  19. can you be any more gorgeous? Enjoy the last precious moments my love; Im thinking of you! Cant wait for your next post!xx Nicole

  20. Good luck and best wishes for a safe birth sweetie .... you look fabulous!

  21. What a cute baby bump! I can't wait to be at your point. This pregnancy is going sloooooooooooow! Haha!


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