Dec 7, 2011


As I sat in a coffee shop yesterday, (sipping on my weak Latte whilst enjoying the latest issue of Real Living and scoffing down my Pear and Berry Bread). 

I couldnt help but watch a young mother doing an amazing job of juggling feeding her newborn baby & keeping her other little toddler entertained with a small packet of colouring pencils, all whilst trying to take quick sips of her Cappucino and try and enjoy it while it was hot.

I was impressed!

It made me think about all the changes that were soon to come in the new year and the juggling that I too would be doing.

New baby, moving house, possible new Job for Hubby.......

All these changes are positive and exciting, yet I couldnt help but feel a little anxious and panicked, in my head words flashing before me like a neon sign Like...No..wait...wait...Im not ready....Pffftt ...of course Im ready I can do this...OMG..OMG.. will I cope? I have to cope !

I think deep down, part of this fear or anxiousness was about not wanting to lose my sense of self. I think most mothers can relate..when you have a child..they become your whole world and it becomes all about them, and you quite happily and selflessly give up, compromise and accomodate in any way that is required.

But then, in the process of doing can sometimes lose your sense of self, your spark , your hunger inside for personal achievements.
Who you were, and what your dreams or goals were before you took on this huge lifechanging role of becoming a mother.

This then got me thinking about what goals I wanted to acheive for myself next year, personal and professional ones, and as I began to think about was like a flood gate had opened and all these ideas came rushing in.

For me goal setting has always been an important part of personal growth,be them big or small.

Its about taking control of how your life evolves. It is about exercising your freedom to choose. It is about being proactive about your happiness. Writing it down and making it happen.

And so I am going to block off some time during the week and actually sit down and think about this, and set some realistic goals for 2012 dammit...achievable ones..and do it the SMART way. Have you heard about the Smart Method?

Meaning to apply these rules to my goal setting, 


  S = Specific
       M = Measurable
     A = Attainable
   R = Realistic
T = Timely

Have you thought about what goals you may want to 
acheive next year?


  1. I have too many unknown's for next year and it's driving me mad. I love to have things sorted in my head and they aren't! I need someone to come and sort me out!!

  2. An exciting year ahead for you Anna. You can do it because you have to do it! I know what you mean about losing a bit of yourself after having a baby. You have got me thinking about what I will want to achieve next year too xx

  3. Your description of that lady sounds like me the other day only I'd remove the word 'amazing' and insert 'frazzled' :) and my newborn was screaming and my tea was cold by the time I got to it :) I totally understand the emotions you're going through at the moment as I felt the same before Sophie arrived. I had a 'how am I going to cope' moment often but you know what, you just get in there and manage somehow. As for the losing yourself part, I think I need to sit down over the weekend and think long and hard about my personal goals for 2012 too. I like having a sense of direction and at the moment, I feel as though things are abit all over the place x


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