Dec 15, 2011


Nothing makes me more tickled pink than seeing one of my LDA prints beautifully framed and hung up in someones home. I love seeing the different ways that people like to encorporate a piece of my artwork into thier home.

Danielle, blog author of Danielle Oakey Interiors was so wonderful to send me these images of her own  Ikat Oz Print I sent out to her not long ago.
Being such a talented Interior Designer...I knew that Danielle would have a great eye and skill for picking just the right spot for it and making my print look ever so lovely in her home.

Styled beautifully..dont you think?

Thank you looks fabulous...and I feel very honoured and Thankful that you love it so much,  it makes it all the more special for me.

For those of you who havent stumbled across Danielle's awesome blog as yet....please do yourselves a favour and head on over! Apart from being ever so lovely...and a wonderful new bloggy friend to me....Danielle has so much inspiration and great DIY ideas to share that you will just love !


There is still time to enter the LDA Giveaway head on over and enter my Lovelies

AND...if you would like to know a little more about me...then head on over to Kim's blog Inspired Lines where she features a wee little interview with yours truly.


  1. The two prints compliment eachother beautifully, don't they? Well done, hon...your work is sure getting out there xx

  2. Oh, it looks lovely, Anna. I wish my clients were as forthcoming with pictures of my artwork in their homes. Your work looks lovely here. Hope you are well, pretty girl xo.

  3. Looks so awesome! Love the print!


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