Dec 11, 2011

HOME TOUR - Jill Brinson's 1930's Cottage

Holly Golly Golly, if I were still young enough to sit on Santas lap and make a Christmas wish, it would be that my beautiful little family would spend the whole holiday season in a beautiful home like this....heck...forget the holiday season...lets move in!

You will be instanstly swept away by this gorgeous 1930's cottage, owned by  Jill Sharp Brinson " creative director of " Ballards Designs".

Drawing inspiration from her world travels and eclectic tastes, Jill puts an unexpected twist on Christmas in her Peachtree Heights cottage ( a name ever so fitting) with Suzanne Kasler’s latest holiday collection.

What an amazing architectural mix of salvaged woods and steel, embroidered textile as art above the mantel ( insert sigh) , and the decor ( insert sigh again) 

Just take a little squizz for yourselves my lovelies...and sigh along in heavenly pleasure with me...

images via: Atlanta Homes Mag


  1. I so want her house too!
    Would love to go to Atlanta, and oh! Knock on her door and invite myself in for some holiday cheer. Love how she wrapped that tree filed with lights, clever no more needles everywhere when it gets dry!!!

  2. Some very pretty elements here although I'm not sure I like the wrapped Christmas tree? That black & white chevron tablecloth is gorgeous though!

  3. I love everything except the wrapped tree, that just looks silly :)

  4. genius! so clever and looks absolutely beautiful.
    M & E

  5. Callie - So very true...its great how something can be pretty and pratical at the same time.

    Anna - Agreed, The Tablecloth is what makes that space work it!

    Sarah - lol...dont think anyone is liking that tree much, maybe there is a huge unveiling on christmas day..who knows? x

    Melanie & Elizabeth - Takes a genius to know a genius and you two are geniuses in the making ; ) xx

  6. oh my gosh so, so lovely xx

  7. Oh yeah and that wrapped tree just looks like a fire hazard! :)

  8. Oh these are so lovely, really put me in a Christmas mood;)
    Thank you for your tipp, have to try that;)
    Lovely greetings...

  9. Amazing! Such a cool Christmas tree and great snapshots of this stylish home.


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