Dec 15, 2011


Well, I have to admit that I am pretty darn glad that the weekend is near...this week has been a busy one for me and I have been feeling a little dizzy and exhausted thinking about all the things I need to do..I want to do.. but cant do.

Sometimes it is hard to keep up..
But..the world keeps spinning round and round....with or without you ..right?

And so this weekend...Im going to just try and take it easy and enjoy the calm before the joyous kaos of Christmas arrives...

What will you be doing this weekend my lovelies?


  1. Oh that is so clever! ... and look at the curtain blowing! Happy weekend to you too. Chilling with my boys this riding, movies, dinner with friends tonight. A-M xx

  2. Ahhh you're lucky! I'm busy busy this weekend. Family luncheon today and events tomorrow. EEK. Would love a chance to calm down before next weekend. Enjoy your rest, lovely.
    Kim xo

  3. Just hanging this weekend.. had visitors all week so on a little bit of catch up of me time (hence being here)xx

  4. Very cool picture! Have a lovely weekend~


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