Dec 1, 2011


As a blogger know... there are those moments when you stumble across an amazing blog that just knocks your socks off, that fills you with such inspiration that you just HAVE TO share.

Well..this is one of those moments..and I just have to share the amazing talents of Kim Davies, blog author of " Inspired Lines".

Kim Davies is an Australian abstract expressionist painter and Fine Artist. She studied Fine Arts at Curtin University where she received High Distinctions. Having exhibited her work, both drawn and painted, Kim's work has been collected throughout Australia and abroad.

Kim's work has also been featured on some of our favourite online Magazines like "Adore Magazine" and "Ivy and Piper".

Not only is Kim so amazingly talented...she is just ever so lovely and I am so glad to have found her here in the blogsphere.

Kim is just new to the whole world of blogging (and we all know what that can be like) so please my yourselves a favour and pop on over to Kim's blog " Inspired Lines" and show her some bloggy love with a warm welcome and a new smiley followers face.

Here is just a taste of what you will find..

Kim's Abstracts

Kim's Sketches

Images Via: Inspired Lines


  1. I love making new friends and Kim looks like my kinda gal.
    Thanks for the introduction Anna,

    Happy day!

  2. Thanks, Sweetheart. Ditto to Felicity's comments. I'm now following Kim. J x

  3. Oh, Anna...what a beautiful gesture - thank you, lovely one. A wonderful surprise to come home to after a long day spent with suppliers which is not my favourite thing. Thank you...I am just so encouraged by you and that is a lovely thing, my sweet. You're the bestest ;)

    Thanks also to Felicity and Jane...lovely comments here and I am delighted to have you both as followers. The support is just amazing. I really appreciate it, girls. Thank you to all. xo.

  4. Oh sweetness! Thanks for sharing - popping over now to spread some bloggy love - I am looking for some bits and pieces for my new bare walls.....

  5. Great blog and love her art too! x

  6. Lovely! Thanks for sharing, heading over now!

  7. Thanks for the link honey- heading over there now- she is super talented!

    Melissa {Miss Sew & So}

  8. wow amazing artwork!!!! thanks for sharing Anna!

  9. What a talented girl she is! Love the second last sketch - thanks for introducing us to a new great blog x


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