Nov 20, 2011


We had a very busy weekend which involved alot of the things that I love, friends, family,fun, food
This weekend we managed to squeeze in -

a visit to David Jones in the CBD to check out the Christmas window displays 

and I love to check out the delicious treats they have in the gourmet food section...
how huge are these strawberries they had for sale???

Squeezed in some Kite little Munchkin has become quite the skilful Kite flyer
( LOVE this pic of little Jacq..and its daddy's favourite..might make a great Christmas pressie blow up what do you think? )

Sporting a very big and round baby belly now...or as husband likes to refer to it as a basket ball.

A Visit to the Hospital to see Auntie Yvonne and meet baby Harvey for the first time

Jacq was absolutely smitten with his new cousin...he kept asking to hold him and couldn't
stop touching him, stroking his leg and touching his fingers and toes ..was adorable to watch
He is going to be the best big brother !

I even managed to squeeze in a little cuddle...was such a beautiful feeling to be reminded
of just how adorably little newborn babies are and how super soft their skin is

The rest of the weekend was Spent at " Abbey Gate" at the Oaks with family and friends
was a super hot weekend so most of the time was spent splashing around in the pool and enjoying 
delicious gourmet meals and cold crunchy watermelon ; )

DONT FORGET...the LDA giveaway happening at  A CREATIVE DAY

So what little happenings did you have going over the weekend?

images: own


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! You're looking wonderful and Jacq looks like he is going to be the best big brother xx

  2. Oh Gorgeous. What a fabulous weekend you had. Just delightful. The look of adoration on Jacq's face is priceless. You have such exciting times ahead! J x

  3. So sweet! What a wonderful and fulfilling weekend. And yum to strawberries!

  4. Gorgeous images Anna
    Have a wonderful week xo

  5. How sweet is baby Harvey, and I am loving that name! Thanks for your message the other day, you keep me hoping. ps me too with Noah The Notebook ;)

  6. Lovely weekend happenings and pics. I REALLY love the shot of Jacq and you two. Beautiful x


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