Nov 1, 2011


Thought I would share a few little bits of loveliness I came across this week..nothing too fancy shmancy..but I love sharing little great finds that I come across that are cheap as chips!

Spotted these gorgeous Hydrangeas the other day at Harris Farm...aren't they just divine?
and at only $12 a pot...heck..I'll take two!!

Latest fashion accessorie purchase
This super cute white and gold woven clutch purse & super chic summer hat
Both from Valley Girl for $15 each

gotta love those little purchases that you dont have to hide 
away from the Mr until the time is right to show and tell..tee hee hee

I stumbled across a gorgeous little new Online Magazine called  91 Magazine which has just launched their first issue...check it out peeps...there is a little something in there for everyone!

This blew me away...for like forever I thought I was the only person who enjoyed eating
potato chips and chocolate at the same time...don't knock it till you try it !

you kind of the get sweet and sour effect?

then I stumbled across this awesome recipe "Chocolate covered Potato Chips" from
Spoon Fork and Bacon and I was in chocolate chip heaven.
definitely going to be trying this one out!!

What about you ? Any strange food combinations that you love to indulge in?

images : own, 91 Magazine, spoon fork and bacon


  1. I've never heard of chips and chocolate! Is this a pregnancy craving thing? My favourite combo is vegemite and cheese toasties :)

  2. We'll blame your little food oddities on pregnancy shall we :)
    Love white hydrangeas..they're the best!

  3. Oooo I have that hat! Great minds...

  4. I love the comments regarding the pregnancy... didn't occur to me sorry I was just going to say let me know when you try, I love chips and chocolate but never even thought about it together. I guess it's like dipping your french fries into a maccas sundae :)

  5. Hahaha certainly sounds like a strange pregnancy craving..but no..its one that I have had as I said..for like forever! ; ) Sarah..fries in sundae? never heard that one ; )

  6. I thought I was the only one that loved that combination! Whenever I have a packet of crisps, I always crave chocolate with them!
    How funny ... and I'm definitely not pregnant!

    Must try the recipe ...

  7. Lovely post, hon ..your purchases, the free online mag and I too thought the chokky chips were a preggers craving of yours til I read the

    I'm overdue, eeek :)


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