Nov 28, 2011


Hello Lovelies,

Thought I would share a few cool iPhone App's that I downloaded recently and am really enjoying.

Christmas - Better Christmas List  (Category Productivity)

Took a little figuring out..but once I got the was great to make the list, add the gifts, tally up everything and see the GRAND ( horrifying total) of how much you have spent on Christmas presents for the year.
You can record what you bought and from which store and how much it cost. I would use it again next year.

Pregnancy - iBaby Feed  ( Category - Lifestyle)

I thought this was awesome! A great way to track when and for how long your baby feeds, and from which breast, bottle or expressed milk..including useful reminders LIKE which breast to start on each time. LOVE IT...lets face it...when the sleep deprivation kicks in we have no idea as to what time we did what when..and for how long. Hubby is even impressed and has downloaded it to his phone for the time when bubs switches to formula.

Meditation - Simply Being ( Category - Lifestyle)

I thought this was pretty cool..if your into mediation..this was a great way to switch off from all the hussle and bussle going on around you. I used this when on a train ride home and found it really relaxing. Lets face it...a little stress relief is always good for the mind body and matter how experienced or inexperienced you are with meditating.  Calming and pleasant..and you can time it for how long or little you want to go for.

Photos - Pocket Booth  ( Category - Photo & Video)

Ok..this would have to be my favourite...absolutely love it..little Jacq and I had alot of fun with this!
You can basically turn your iphone into a vintage style photobooth. Take it to your next party or Christmas lunch with the family and watch everyone get into it and join in on the fun.

Here are some samples of our Happy Snaps!

So there you have it....a few of my fav's and ones that I thought you may find useful and enjoy my lovelies...would love to know what you think?

images via: Itunes & Own


  1. Love discovering new iPhone apps, so, this is lovely and I have that Christmas Countdown one...we are so close!

    Liesl :)

  2. The Christmas gifts one looks great - how helpful for keeping track of things, I can't even remember where I left the list of names of who I had to buy for! As for the milk tracking one... FAB!! I don't have an iPhone unfortunately but would be handy - I'm always forgetting which side Sophie is due to feed on :)

  3. Great apps, love the present one, but I don't have an iphone :(

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Thank you for sharing I love your photo booth App and the photos you created. My son would love this. Mimi xx

  5. This is really making me wish for an iphone!! Especially the baby feeding app! So cool!

  6. Love the Photo Booth - I will add that one. And the meditation looks great too.


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