Nov 7, 2011


Although I have cut out my caffeine intake since being pregnant ..
Today I think I need one of these to really kick start my day.

After a restless nights sleep...due to lots of baby movement, an overactive mind that was still ticking away at 3am, and a 3 year old that decided to jump into mummy and daddy's bed at 1am...not much sleep was had.

So with a caffeine hit on the is also some random loveliness that is sure to set the heart valves pumping...

I have been sourcing some great wallpaper examples for my bloggy friend Janette from My Sweet Prints as inspiration for a little DIY job she has on her  to do list for little Will's room ( there coming Janette I know I have them filed somewhere) but thought I would share these gorgeous examples of different ways you can incorporate wallpaper in your home...without having to take the huge plunge of covering your walls...a great option especially if your renting.

Absolutely ADORE this colour at the moment and this wallpaper is just divine!
Is there an official name for this colour..its not yellow and its not lime..and I wouldn't call it mustard???

A fab way to not let any of those wallpaper samples go to waste

Give new life to old furniture...this would be a great idea for a little girls room.

How about jazzing up a staircase?

Have you incorporated Wallpaper in any of your DIY projects or used it on a smaller scale ?

images via : tidbit du jour


  1. They're all fantastic ideas and I love the paper designs as well. I'd love to try it somewhere, but where? When you mentioned Will's room I immediately thought of Catherine whats-her-name's range for porters paints. I just can't think of her name.
    Hope you get some restful sleep tonight x

  2. How good do the stairs look! I've used my leftover wallpaper as matting in photo frames. I've also printed a poem on the paper and framed that too.
    Hope you get a good night sleep soon x

  3. Hoping the sleep fairy visits you often xx

  4. The flower wallpaper in combination with the glossy white stairs is gorgeous! Much love, Xo

    - Urska @


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