Nov 2, 2011

HOME TOUR - Samantha Hutchinson

I recently stumbled across an awesome new lifestyle website called  " Glitter Guide" and it is now been added to my list of daily reads ...there was one post in particular that made my heart go flip flop which was the "Style at Home" post featuring

Samantha Hutchinson blog author of " Could I have That"

Samantha's little abode is as charming and gorgeous as she is , filled with
Beautiful bits of girly glamour balanced by earthy, neutral natural tones.


Here is a snippet of Samantha's " About Me" from her blog

I live in Santa Barbara. 
Chocolate chip cookies are the way to my heart. 
I'm a writer/stylist/social media manager. 
Todd, my beau, keeps me going. 
I'm a natural red head. 
Jewelry and stripes make me happy. 
Sunny days are my best days. 
I was a ballet dancer for 13 years. 
I will never get sick of traveling 
I'm the youngest of four. 
Nothing changes my mood better than a good song. 
I live with my best friend Lindsey and her dog Kona. 
I love anything French. 

Intrigued? then be sure to visit Samantha's fabulous blog  
where she shares fantastic recipes, fashion tips and little bits of lovely

images via: Glitter Guide


  1. What beautiful images! All summery and happy! Will go and check out her blog in search of more summery inspiration. Trying to hold onto the warmth, but we keep slipping back into winter. Oh, come back sun! Virginia xx

  2. what a lovely home!
    I'd love a bit of sun's soo cold, brrrr....
    Claudia xo

  3. She's so fab right, her house, her fashion. Thanks for sharing xx


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