Nov 17, 2011

GIVE ME A NAME.......ANY NAME now that we know we are having a boy...I thought that the process of picking a name would be much easier...especially since I created a list the first time round with Jacq...buuuuuut Nooooooo

I am really struggling this time round to come up with any....nothing reeeeeeally grabs me as yet.

I do know I love short, strong names for boys...yet I like something unique and uncommon

Any suggestions out there my lovelies? Could sure use your help and welcome any suggestions ; )

ALSO...Don't forget about the Lona de Anna giveaway that is currently running on " A Creative Day" Blog...entries close 21st Nov !! Wouldn't that be nice to win a little Christmas treat ..before Christmas ; )

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  1. Congrats on the baby boy;)
    Hmm, short and strong...
    I like Jacoby or Alex.
    Hope that helps;)

    Lovely greetings...

  2. I'll give you my boy names as I had two girls and didn't get to use them.


  3. I'm totally stumped as well!
    We find out the sex (well as long as bubs is in the right position) on TUESDAY!!!!

    Ok, I've just opened up my Custom Birth Print file what about...
    Jett, Beaux, Xavier, Nate, Max, Reef, Byron, Mason, Lennox, Chase, Tighe (don't ask me how you pronounce that last one)

    It's exciting, keep us updated!

  4. I like Noah, Tom and James... Good luck and how exciting!

  5. I'm struggling too! Third time round is hard! xx

  6. I can't believe so many of us are expecting in this design blog world......
    Seeing as a girl is coming our way here were our choices...
    Luca, Noah, Tyler...are you seeing a theme and Taj...
    Take care......xx

  7. That's s tricky one... I rather like Toby for a boy :)

  8. You're so lucky to be thinking of boys names, I hope and pray for the day I get pregnant and have boys!! Naturally I'd be happy with a girl but.... My favourite {and happy to share hehehe} I've saved for my boy is Noah. I absolutely love it. But I like the name Fletcher too, Fletch for short is cute. And I like Janette's suggestion of Mason, that is a cool name.
    Good luck lovely xx

  9. I love the name Jameson. It's just kind of always stuck with me.

  10. My fav and one I didn't get to use ...Rhett.

  11. OMG... I have missed out on so much in my absence. Congratulations! I love all boy names beginning with 'J'. And ever since I saw 'Gattaca' I fell in love with the name Jerome. Hubby doesn't like it though, so I know the name is not in the cards for me. Thanks for checkin in :) I am finally back for good!

    And loving all your new prints, by the way. x

  12. Congratulations! Names: Hunter, Tanner, Eli, Colt, Case, & Chandler.

  13. Its such a hard but fun process isn't it. I never thought it would be so tough to pick a name but its quite daunting. Heres a couple on my boy list: Oscar, Emmett, Jett, Kingston, Leo, Tom, Max, Hamilton, Campbell, Benson, Good luck! PS I love your art!

  14. THank you so much all you lovely ladies..for all your wonderful suggestions...and for sharing your favourites...NOW I feel like Im one step closer to creating a short list of some guys are fab! x

  15. Congrats on the baby boy! Loved the name Ethan and that's what we chose for our boy. Time flies and he just turned 4.

  16. Nixon. Love it! Enjoy this special time,
    x KL


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