Nov 6, 2011


I Absolutely LOVE this DIY idea and am definitely going to try it..what a fantastic way to give your old worn baskets a modern look when dipped in paint.
We all have some old baskets lying around don't we?...not to mention loads of left over paint...why not try it and give your rustic baskets a modern look and transform them into carryalls that look as if they came straight out of a design shop"

Here's how to make your own...

Tools and Materials
  • Stir stick
  • Water-based latex paint
  • Large plastic storage bin
  • Basket: Byholma basket, you can find a few from
  • Foam paintbrush


  • Stir paint thoroughly, and pour into plastic bin. 

  • Carefully dip basket into paint. 

  • Work slowly; as you dip, the paint will push up the sides of the basket. 

  • Once you've reached the desired line, slowly pull basket out of paint. 

  • If you want a higher line than the dipped mark, use foam brush to paint a new line. 

  • Hang basket to dry completely.

 via: tidbit du jour


  1. And just in time for summer too, Anna! I like the idea of these scattered around the house or by the pool with beach towels in them - we can never have enough, it seems. Virginia xx

  2. Oh what a great idea. It really brightens them up doesn't it! A-M xx

  3. Another cool way to it!.....oh and a touch of storage also, good call Virginia....

  4. They look great, the red basket against the white looks fabulous. Thank you, my daughter would love to do this. Mimi xx

  5. I can't believe that I have never ever thought to do this and yet I have coverted these baskets for so long- and , as you say, we are all surrounded by baskets to do this with-

    You are soooooooo clever!!

    I'm going to FB this one honey! Thanks....Melissa xxx

  6. Fantastic idea! I scored a few free wicker baskets in perfect condition about a month ago ...didn't want to waste cream fabric just to line them. But we do have heaps of spare paint! Still waiting 6 days :)


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