Oct 9, 2011


Well despite the unpredictable weather we experienced over the weekend it still managed to be a very productive one in the White household...

There was painting......

Both my boys Big and Small...got busy with brushes over the weekend..little Jacq had a bit of fun with getting all messy with his new paint set

 later he helped daddy give his Ikea stepping stool a new makeover with some left 
over turquoise paint we had laying about...and it looks super!

 There was some baking...

Errr...ok...let me clarify....Ummm..nothing actually ever got baked so to speak
but my little Munchkin Jacq decided that it would be a great idea to try his hand at
 making pancakes for breakfast, this took place at 6 am in the morning mind you whilst mummy and daddy were in la la land and were oblivious to the goings on in the Mini Masterchef kitchen !!

The only reason why I managed to capture Mr Mini Chef in the act was because he 
came into the bedroom to ask me to open the Maple Syrup so he could
 " Mix Mix Mix Mummy" in his own words.

So out of bed I hopped ( bolted rather ) afraid Mini Chef had turned something on in
 the kitchen and was greeted with this...
Happy to see he was putting his new stool to good use.

And there was a little day Trip to Leura Markets

It had been such a long time since we had visited Leura and I was so happy to be there again and let me tell you that  it was an even bigger and better Leura..new and improved..lots more gorgeous boutique stores to visit the Markets itself were fantastic.
Such a wonderful vibe and beautifully hand made items..the street was certainly pumping ..despite the wet weather.

Jacq hurrying daddy along so that he could say hello to Mr Koala Bear

When Jacq and Mr Koala Bears eyes met
actually ..Mr Koala bear couldn't help but notice Jacq because of his loud little voice in the background yelling " Hello Teddy Bear....Hello Teddy Bear !!!

Some lovely handmade candles

South American dollies

African pottery and sculptures

But what I loved most...were the Cherry Blossoms

images: Own


  1. Ana,

    Your "boys" are amazing, I loved seeing them work on the stool together. very creative chef in the making as well!!

    The African pottery and baskets are superb!

    Art by Karena

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend Anna, haven't been to Leura in ages. Thanks for the reminder xx

  3. What a lovely weekend, I love the blue mountains too. We spend a week up there every year, such a lovely spot! And no your not behind the times...I painted the watercolour dots & scanned them in...so not an effect, but would be a good one :)
    Suzie xx

  4. Oh my, Anna, what a 'masterpiece' to discover so early in the morning ☺. And those cherry blossoms have me swooning as well. J x

  5. What a thoughtful little munchkin making mummy and daddy pancakes :) He is so adorable Anna!! I love Leaura, it must be truly beautiful with all those blossoms out at this time of year x

  6. Oh goodness your Jacq is an industrious fellow! Thank goodness he didn't get any heat on!
    The market looks lovely. I've been to Leura a long time ago, it was beautiful :)

  7. Haha, Jacq's Mini Chef effort is gold - love it :)
    Stool looks great and Leura is such a pretty/creative place to visit (once you nail a car parking spot!) - the boys really are two peas in a pod, aren't they? Happy week to you, hon xo

  8. I love that despite the weather you were creative and out and about exploring! "Mix Mix Mix Mummy"...adorable!!!

    Liesl :)


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