Oct 26, 2011

A PROUD MOMENT I HAD TO SHARE...and some gorgeous little Vintage Wear !

There are many moments through life when you simply cannot help but burst with pride from not only your own children's small or great achievements...but also your family members.

And this is one of those moments....

This proud moment and wonderful achievement belongs to my gorgeous 18 year old niece Kathryn.
Growing up she was always referred to as a little Mini version of me...because she looked so much like her auntie Anna did when I was a little Miss ; )

But this " Little Miss" has grown up ( way too quickly) ....into a beautiful, Intelligent, creative, ambitious little fashionista who has now recently tried her hand at modelling for  Shasam & Co, a vintage inspired clothing label based in Sydney.

These guys are super talented and their designs refreshingly unique ....if only I could fit my baby bump into one of their pieces....sigh...looks like Im going to just have to wait until I get ( or find) my waistline again after bubs No 2 is born ; )

Their website is soon to launch but you can check out more of their super cute vintage pieces by visiting their Facebook Page " Shasam & Co" so lets support our fellow Aussies my Lovelies and LIKE their page !

Back to my niece and my ever so proud moment...

Check out these pics ....isn't she just a doll? ( A Rihanna look-a-like one at the moment)

images via: Shasam & Co


  1. Oh, how special for her! She is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful and what a wonderful site...I am off to fully check it out now!

    Liesl :)


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