Oct 10, 2011


I have been trying to settle on a colour scheme for baby Number Two's Nursery....and now that I know we are having a boy ; ) it has been easier to narrow it down to a few different colour schemes
but as usual..there are so many colour schemes I am hooked on at that I just cant decide.

I went with Lime green and two different shades of Blue for Jacq nursery when he was born and so I would love to try something different, thing is..

I still love Green and Blue ; /

I like the idea of adding a third even fourth colour to the space..
no matter what the two primary colours will be

A few examples below

Grey and Yellow... with a hint of Mint Green

Turquoise & Mustard with a hint of Grey

 Orange and Grey with a hint of Mustard

Orange and Blue with a hint of Grey

Green and Blue with a hint of Orange ( this is what Im leaning towards)

What colour schemes do you love for a Nursery?

images via: Baby Space


  1. Ooh YAY, another boy! :) I'm not going to be much help because I love all of the above! But if I have to choose one I would say orange & grey with a hint of mustard :) Happy planning, decorating a nursery is the best fun isn't it! x

  2. well first and foremost, congratulations!

    obviously, i've been out of the blogging loop for a bit, and look what happens? babies and stuff!

    love the old barn door in the pop of orange image!

    favorite baby colors, pale and light colour schemes because a room should be soothing and peaceful. they are hit with all kinds of crazy noise and color in the big world, so a little oasis to call their own is a must, non?

  3. This post is right up my alley since I'm in the middle of deciding on things for our nursery too :) The first photo is one that has inspired me too - I'm going with grey, white, mint green and am still undecided on the accent colour - perhaps a touch of yellow or red. I really like the grey and orange colour scheme above too and that last photo is lovely. Love the embroidery frames display in the second shot (along with the cute little bub underneath) :) Can't wait to see what you go with... x

  4. I really love the orange and grey. Warm and inviting but a little bit different as well. Looking forward to seeing that lovely new little boy when he arrives :)

  5. A beautiful boy! Oh I love my boys. Every image you posted is just gorgeous. I am into the greys and yellows at the moment. How exciting to be do a nursery. Mimi xx

  6. Yay Anna, another boy! Love the first pic, will be checking out all your inspiration for ideas xx

  7. Oh Lovely, what a lovely dilemma to have ☺. My fave is the last. You know me - a blue and green girl, through and through! J x

  8. gorgeous shots!! Play around with it, you cant go wrong! I love the yellow and grey though.........

  9. Oh - i LOVE all of them !! How on earth are you going to decide!! Cant wait to see what you come up with...I think i like the turquoise and mustard the best - divine! (or maybe it's the bubba that makes it my fave! xx

  10. The photos are all gorgeous! it's hard to choose! Love the green and grey :)

  11. Congratulations on your baby boy on the way, Anna. I love the blue and orange scheme, but I am sure whatever you choose, it will be very chic! xo

  12. Oh Anna I'm so late to hear the good news!!! Congratulations!!!!! xx

    A brother for your little one :)

  13. Hi hon. I love the little touch of grey in all these colour schemes. Divine! A little bit grown up...and I will have to come back just to peek at the bub on the dresser again :)


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