Oct 13, 2011

FLIP FLIP FRIDAY - Things that made my heart go flip flop this week

Well another week has flown by and I well and truly looking forward to the weekend!
We have a Christening to attend on the sunday and I cant wait to get up and close to the gorgeous little Addison ( who's christening it is) and shhhhhnuggle right up to her and remind myself of how adorable it is to hold a weeee baby bubba. That will most certainly be a Flip Flop moment !

So what made my heart go flip flop this week?

Just check out these Bemz Bed frame slip covers....yes..slip covers for your whole bed frame..what a brilliant idea !!! I am really loving this concept of being able to change the look of your bedroom..whenever you like.....just genius!

images via annechovie

My latest purchase - This gorgeous Marc Jacobs Wishbone necklace

I have wanted a wishbone necklace since first falling inlove with one that I saw on Jennifer Aniston in the movie " She's not that into you"

.so I bit the bullet and splurged on this Marc Jacobs version of one...and love love love it!

Am still on the hunt for a sterling silver version on a short chain and then
I will be in wishbone heaven!

A random flip flop moment...these gorgeous little puppy bouquet...awwwwww

How adorable is this my lovelies?..something unique and different as a gift for someone.
My heart would certainly do flip flops if I ever received a bunch of these after giving birth to baby
No 2..just sooooooo adorable !

And lastly...this adorable piece of artwork created by my little Munchkin that literally blew me away.

Seriously..I was and still am just so impressed and proud of my little Jacq..I mean...this is pretty awesome artwork coming from a 3 Year old...don't you think?

The only thing Mummy did...was draw Dory.. the fishy on the right...( as requested by Jacq)
pretty sad effort from mummy...but I think little Jacqs attempt of creating 
his version of little Nemo ( on the left) is ever so adorable...
I mean..check out the waves of the ocean....and the Sun
Ooooohh..just bursting with so much pride I am..what a clever little munchkin !

I just had to take a snap shot to show and tell
as it was done on a white board and so I couldn't keep it.

So what Flip Flop moments did you experience this week?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend
A ; )


  1. I happen to love those same things and your Flip Flip Friday...so FUN!!! Love your son's drawing...adorable indeed! I think my Flip Flip moments have been via inspiration on Pinterest...my new obsession! LOL!

    Liesl ;)

  2. I always love zebra inspired designs. This bed is fabulous. Beautiful!

    J. Harp
    writer @ Murano Chandeliers

  3. Jacq's artwork is amazing! Great thinking to take a pic before it was wiped off the whiteboard. Grace drew her first 'real person' a few weeks ago, where you could actually make out the figure and eyes, nose etc. It's so cute seeing their creations. Those puppy bouquets are adorable and love your necklace. Have fun at the christening on the weekend x

  4. Jacq is so very clever, you should be proud that is a fabulous drawing. Have a great weekend Anna. xx

  5. You've got a mini artist on your hands my dear! It's fantastic!!! And those bed slip covers are EXACTLY what I need! I had thought about making one for our headboard but this is much better. I'll have to check it out.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my happy news today, I'm so excited we're preg together!

  6. Hello lovely, have missed visiting you. Life is crazy. It's nice to come over and get a good dose of your enthusiasm for life. That picture by your boy is perfection. Frame it and keep it forever. It's just got something about it that says, 'forever'. A-M xx

  7. LOVE the necklace, and the gorgeous drawing! Mine are the exact same - always do their best pictures on the chalkboard or whiteboard and can't be kept :-(


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