Sep 12, 2011

HOME TOUR - Abigail Ahern

 I am absolutely obsessed with the London home of Abigail Ahern one of UK's Top Interior Designers, I love the fact that Abigail thinks big, takes risks and has such a unique way of creating magical interiors using a wonderful mix of bold colours, dark hues, eclectic pieces of furniture , artwork and sculptures...I just love everything about this place...right down to the cute little pooch...don't you?


  1. Anna, I agree, Abigail's home has such a rich, almost organic feel. The art is amazing The light and huge windows offset the deeply hued pieces and furnishings!


    Art by Karena

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  2. It's very interesting butbi think I'd need to paint the odd wall white. The dog is super dooper cute!

  3. Hi Anna, her home is gorgeous, I love the colours she had used. Mimi xx

  4. It is stunning and eclectic, Anna. But I think my eyes would soon get tired of all the 'busyness' about! J x

  5. Yes- I wish i was brave enough to do black dark hues - I so love the look of the living room- that amazing mirror above the fireplace...the light to die for above the bath!!!

    And her garden looks as wild and fantastic through those huge glass doors as her house!

    My heart loves the chippy pieces though the most- the chair next to her bed, the old crate in the garden , the shelving that holds her china...

    Incredible mix of styles that works- edgy and brave I agree!!

    Love having you back here!

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  6. How refreshing to see a home that's so full of character and individuality - I love the colour palette and would certainly not go about painting the walls white!

  7. Oh love love love love!!! Thanks for sharing :)


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