Sep 8, 2011

ARTWORK - SURE TO INJECT SOME COLOUR INTO YOUR DAY what have I been upto over the last couple of months?
Well I have letting my creative juices flow into paint...and its been so much fun!

 I am at my most happiest creatively when I paint, its hard to convey the true joy that comes to me when I paint but the moment I have applied that first brush stroke to a blank canvas

Well..the feeling is Almost like twisting the top off a cold drink on a hot summers day
and quenching that thirst

There's that ...Ahhhhhh sound that follows after.

Nothing quite like it

So on this grey miserable day... let me inject a little or shall I say
a whole lot of colour into your day today

 by sharing a couple of new Original Acrylic Artwork pieces and Watercolour pieces that I have been working on over the last couple of months which are  now available at my Lona de Anna Etsy Store

New Sydney Seasons Range - Acrylic Artworks just listed on Etsy.
( Still working on my Winter piece)

I really enjoyed creating these pieces and have to say that Im pretty chuffed with the results.

New A3 Watercolour Prints now available at my Lona de Anna Etsy Store !

Orange Crush

Berry Tart


To celebrate the launch of my new Artwork pieces

So what do you think my lovelies?

Images Via : Lona de Anna Etsy Store


  1. I can not tell you how excited I am to see you in my blogger feed...I have missed you! :) So glad you have been keeping busy by keeping your creative juices flowing and the proof is in your lovely artwork! Love it...especially Summer and Autumn in Sydney! I'm going to share a link to have everyone check them out in tomorrow post! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. Oh, Sweetheart! They are just divine. Am zipping off to Etsy right now. And you have inspired me to pick up my paintbrushes tomorrow ☺. J x


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