Jun 1, 2011


Wish I could say that I had the engergy to do one of these...but I dont!

Last night was a horrid night for the 3 of us
With my little guy so sick at the moment..he...we...were kept up last night with this awful itchy cough that he has at the moment that just wont subside.

All out of sorts, not being able to fall asleep, tears on and off,
playing musical beds all night 
and running a high temperature...we are all just shattered this morning.

And my little munchkin is just so clingy and wont leave my side...poor little poppet.
Its heartbreaking to not see the sparkle in his eyes when he is so unwell.

I think we all got about an hours sleep ALL UP last night and are walking around today like zombies.

Hubby had to take the day off because there was no way he was going to be able to function...no matter how much coffee he consumed.

On the up side...the sun is out and some blue sky..which instantly makes you feel better.
And hubby is cooking up some nice chicken soup.

Hoping you are all having a Happy Thursday lovelies
and will be back with a more interesting post when we are all well rested.

Anna x

image via: Bella Mumma


  1. Oh no, that's tough I'm sorry to here little Jacq isn't well and you guys are in zombie mode. I hope he gets better soon and you can all get a full nights sleep tonight. Big get well hugs to Jacq and to mummy - cause I think it's almost harder on us seeing our bubs not well.

  2. Poor fella! Hope dad's chicken soup helped!


  3. Oh noes! I hope you're sweet little guy gets well soon honey...it's horrible when they're ill xxx

  4. Oh poor poppet and poor adults.
    I hope the soup works its magic and you're all feeling the zing of good health soon.

    How amazing is that girl in your image - wowee!

    xx Felicity

  5. hope your little guy feels better soon. breaks your heart when they do not shine brightly.

  6. sending you all hugs and get well wishes from me:) i know exactly how you feel have had a few late nights myself with Mr Lucas.take care lovely and rest up mwauh xx

  7. Between you, Janette, Melli and myself, I think we've all had a week of terrible sleep :) Grace kept waking constantly last night. Your poor little munchkin, I can imagine how frustrating his cough must be for him trying to sleep and I understand what you mean about the clinginess - you just want your happy little bub back when they're sick. Hope you all get some rest today and enjoy the chicken soup x

  8. Oh, Anna, the horrors. I've been there (many times) and can only empathise, you poor darlings. Here's hoping to a better night's sleep for you all. J x

  9. Hope you got some rest hon and hope your little one is feeling better!! xx


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