Jun 18, 2011


Do you recognise this beautiful artwork? Its certainly one that has been circulating around the blogsphere at a very speedy pace!

The true artist of this  " Be True to You" artwork is Kal Barteski from Love Life

Something so beautifully thought out and created deserves to be shared and enjoyed....but something so beautifully created also deserves to be respected and protected and credited...sadly Kal had to deal with and go through a horrible ordeal in order to protect what is rightfully hers ..HER work...HER Hardwork...without going into too much detail you can 
read more about it here on Kal's blog in her own words. 

I couldnt help but fall inlove with Kal....she has such a beautiful spirit about her...and is an amazing and talented artist...not to mention all the other hats she wears...like most of us do...Wife...Mother...Running a household .business etc.
What I felt sad about ...was that I did not know that this was Kal's artwork..I did not know of Kal at all.
It was only due to a link today on Table Tonic...introducing some new blogs on the block...that I came across Kals blog...and put two and two together...."So this is the artist behind.." Be True to You" ?

And so I wanted to help spread awareness about this cause....

And this is their goal

To inspire positive change in the way art, photography, design, words, music, film and ideas are shared on the internet. We believe that intellectual property needs to be handled with love and respect. They believe in the goodness of people. They believe in the power of the internet. They believe that Maya Angelou was absolutely right when she said "when you know better you do better."
They need your help. They need your support. 
Learn more. Spread the word. Post their badge ( like I have) on your sites to show that you LINK with love. ( they  come in many snazzy colours to suit your blog)

THIS is a cause I feel VERY strongly about...and still feel that we have a long way to go before we inspire positive change in the way art, photography, design etc are shared on the internet ESPECIALLY through blogging!!

Please join in and support and spread the word for this worthy cause my lovelies.

Anna x


  1. What a great idea. It's so important to respect people's creativity. I've had my work blatantly copied and it's rather frustrating to say the least. I must check out Kal's blog :)

  2. Great post, and very ironic because I just posted an MA poem on my blog.

    I agree completely that an artists work needs to be respected and credited... and I don't want to put a *but* in there, however, there are so many images on the internet that even the most honest people with the best of intentions are sometimes unable to credit properly... unless of course they come right from the source!

    I pull the majority of my images from WeHeartIt to create collages, and I credit that. BUT, where images those are pulled from... sadly, I do not know. :(

    Of course if someone is stealing images and claiming them as their own, that is completely tragic and unacceptable.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Anna. And enjoy Fathers Day with the Hubs and Little Guy!

  3. OneCraftyfox - So very true and I agree completely...sadly there is a but...BUT...if we all know better..than maybe we will all do better? No?


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