Jun 21, 2011


A project that has been moving at a very slooooow pace is me getting little Jacqs room in order.

I STILL havent found a decent single bed for his room...and cant handle seeing the cot in his room each time I walk in...I so want it gone!

But I have been productive with cleaning up, throwing out or donating alot of items he is just too big for now.
I have also collected a few decor pieces and artwork that I will add ONCE I find him a bed and move the furniture around accordingly.

One item I purchased a while ago for his room I finally got framed and have hung it up.

This GORGEOUS..and I mean gorgeous because I seriously love staring at it each time I walk in.
This World Map I purchased from the lovely Janette from My Sweet Prints....you dont know how long I have been waiting to hang this little beauty up...and I just adore it!  Thank you Janette! x

I am thinking I might make this section of his room Wall Art...perhaps add a few nice little prints to the wall ...what do you think? or do you think leave it as is?

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  1. Oh I love walls that are decorated with a selection of artwork, this would look great! Perhaps even add some of his own little masterpieces to the mix!:)

  2. A wall art section sounds fab - so you (and he) can change it as he gets older and his interests change. I love maps, and old globes, and anything that speaks of travel to exciting places....

  3. I LOVE maps! and think your bespoke one is an absolute winner! I discovered a big wall sized world map dispayed on a blog and it was from IKEA. I was so disappointed when I realised it was from the USA. AND.... even sadder when my trusty US forwarding service couldn't help me get it to Oz. Ikea won't sell online. Hope its OK to say this on a blog, but... bugger!
    x KL

  4. Doesn't it look awesome framed!! I remember you buying Janette's map a while back. Must look great on the wall - I won't let Grace see that top photo - she is obsessed with 'Buzz and Woody' at the moment :) You'll find the right bed eventually, Grace is loving her ensemble bed and I feel I've made the right choice. I'm the same with artwork though, want to wait til everything else is ready before I hang them :)

  5. Yep, love the wall art idea (always evolving) and this framed map from Janette is fantastic. I love her little extra "..to discover" words underneath the name..perfect thing to add for a little person - so much to see, learn, do. I like the addition of Buzz, just so manly isn't he and no doubt well loved x

  6. Ooh, love it! And I love that it is personalised! I might just have to pop on over to Janette's shop to have a squiz at her work! Thanks for sharing lovely :) x

  7. fantastic map!! love how it says Jacq's world!!
    something to pass down in the family :)

  8. Hi Anna! The map looks incredible! Loved to see Buzz Lighyear, haha, my son adores him! Have a great day! XoXo


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