Jun 27, 2011


A little DIY I worked on a few weeks ago but hadn't got round to posting about it...mainly because I would still like to add something to it...don't know what exactly? but it still needs a little bit of wow factor to it I think....some sparkle somewhere?

This DIY was a lot of fun to do...and so easy.

All you need is

1 x Round craft mirror
1 x Glue gun and plenty of glue sticks
1 x Packet of Large Icy Pole Sticks...or Craft sticks ( at least 50 )
1 x Tube of acrylic gold paint ( or whatever colour you choose)

First step was to paint the craft mirror. I gave my mirror two good coats.
Good idea to remove the mirror first.

Next I applied a Third Coat of paint, this time using a blotting effect with
my brush to give it that metallic feel.

Once the paint was well and truly dry I turned it over face down and
proceeded to apply the craft sticks. 
If I was a real professional I would have measured it all out, 
but this wasn't a large mirror and so I did the old guessing game when it came to
glueing all the sticks into place and it turned out fine.

On four points of the mirror I overlapped two craft sticks together to extend
 the length and to truly give the mirror that starburst effect.

Once the stick were firmly glued and set in place I turned the mirror right way
round and beganto paint the sticks in the same gold paint.
Again two coats for nice even coverage.

And Voila...there you have it
A Simple Starburst Mirror to be pretty happy about !

What do you think?

images via: Own LDA


  1. I think it looks fab! Very clever! xx

  2. Great job! The mirror is super cute! xx

  3. Your version looks so graphic and modern. I love how it turned out. Great job!!

  4. You outdid yourself! COOL and PRETTY And it looks like it was FUN to do!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  5. That looks happy! Very clever. Emma.

  6. Ooooo...I like it, very cool!

  7. great post :) love ittt :P



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