Jun 29, 2011


Why not add roses to your recipe next time your making something deliciously sweet!

Petals from roses that have never been treated with chemical are edible and can 
be used in their dried form to flavour food.


you can try using fresh petals to make jam or to create a beautiful sugared rose petal garnish for desserts just grab a pastry brush and paint each individual petal with a thin film of beaten egg white...then coat each petal with a light sprinkling of granulated sugar and set it on a plate dusted with sugar until dry.

How deliciously gorgeous do these desserts look?

Now if only I had a rose garden...humph

images via: cooking Diva, Weight Watchers


  1. yummo - that reminds me that I used to make the most heavenly rose ice cream - it was just vanilla icecream with rosewater and sliced petals folded through at the end - then served with a rose water syrup - I had forgotten all about it!

    I can't live without roses in my gardens - I always sneak in a plant or two, even if just in a pot on the balcony - nothing like gathering fresh roses to put on the desk for inspiration.

  2. How gorgeous do the frozen petals look in the icecream. Almost to pretty to eat ... almost!

  3. That last image is stunning!

  4. Look so beautiful Anna! I haven't eaten rose petals before, I've had rose tea and things like that but it just looks so beautiful! I'll have to think about that next time I'm in a Masterchef mood :)

  5. This is so pretty and looks yummy!



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