May 18, 2011


My is a short post I am feeling a little drained and run down.

The past few nights have been hard as our Munchkin has all of a sudden been waking up a few times throughout the night and wanting to hop into Mummy and Daddy's bed
stupidly..we allowed it the first two nights ( because we were both too lazy to get out of bed) 
but have ended up with even less sleep due to our little munchkin hogging the whole bed and 
constant rolling and kicking all over the place in his sleep.

So the third night we persisited with putting him back in his own bed..only then to have to deal 
with alot of tears and having to stay by his side until he fell asleep.
This took a few tries as the slightest noise when leaving the room would result in another hour 
or so of having to sit there till our little guy fell asleep again.

Desperately need to catch up on some Zzzzzzz's

Thought I would add an image of one of my favourite paintings
 " Flaming June" by Frederick Leighton

She just looks so peaceful asleep.
Will be an early night for me tonight...just incase we have to go through the same scenario
but I am hoping for a well rested nights sleep for ALL of us.

OH and another Reminder about my LDA giveaway happening 
at The Sydney Girl
Still time to enter lovelies!!

Hope you are all having a great Day ; )


  1. I hope you get a good night sleep tonight, Anna, and feel a little more refreshed tomorrow! That is a really peaceful painting...I hope that is you tonight!

    Liesl :)

  2. Oh Anna, we've been have a few of the same dramas this last week too! So much so that I was falling asleep on the lounge at 8.30pm last night! We had a better night last night though I hope tonight is better for you too and you can have a little cat nap while Jacq sleeps today. And how totally amazing that you have the same place holders as the ones I bought! Thank you for your very kind offer and the same goes for you too, if you need more than six. They are all the more special to me now knowing you have the same ones too!

  3. hope you get some sleep tonight, lovely xx

  4. Sleep deprivation is the most awful thing ~ so my absolute full sympathy to you and I hope you can get some sleep before ending up in the loony bin first! Amazing though, aren't they, kids I mean? They can drive you to insanity, then next minute, to sheer pleasure and delight.

    hang in there!
    Virginia x

  5. Hey hon, should have read this post yesterday if you get my drift :) Hope you get through the tough patch quickly and everyone gets more sleep - little ones so determined at this age, aren't they!


  6. Nothing worse than disrupted sleep/limited sleep as a Mummy. We've been there at different times too. I know exactly what you mean about trying to creep out so they don't wake again. Funny thing is, when I'm that tired, I still can't sleep properly because I'm so anxious about Grace waking :) Hope you have a better night tonight honey and that Jacq gets back into a good sleep routine for you soon xx

  7. Beautiful painting! Hope you got the much needed rest hon.. xo

  8. oh honey- i feel for you so so much!
    i've been there- we've all been there and there is nothing worse than loss of sleep...on a regular basis...

    as my girlfriends and i always say {for survival mind you!!}...that is why we make our little ones so damn cute- so we forgive them everything!!!

    get some rest whenever you can through the day as well...Melissa xx


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