May 2, 2011

Rustic Farmhouse with Modern Flair

Will all the grey cold miserable weather we have been experiencing has me craving warm cosy spaces. This rustic farmhouse was calling out to me....all it needs is a roaring fire somewhere..anywhere...and Im there!

Images via: momoge


  1. Beautiful photos and home, but being a typical mammy I'm looking at the sharp concrete corners on the bunks and thinking I wouldn't want my kids jumping on them!!!

  2. ohhhh Anna this is it! It's the look I's so right it makes me feel all funny inside...Love that outdoor! Originality is definitely the key word for me :))

  3. The stone wall in the kitchen is warmly glowing with beauty and imperfection! They are all great images, just right for the cooler days, especially as the weather is all over the place at the moment. I started the morning in a light dress, then ended up in a cashmere coat for an afternoon site visit! Crazy stuff.

  4. Very nice! It is getting very chilli here too and all I want is warm linen colours around me at the moment. Hope you warm up.
    Ness xx

  5. I am sooo into Rustic farmhouses. Mimi xx

  6. Beautiful images.
    I love outdoor setting.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Julie xx


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