May 22, 2011


Ok my I promised you some pics from our little road trip last week to Piction...
well the Oaks to be exact!
And if these images dont make your jaw drop..even just a little ..then I dont know what will!

Started our day off with a hearty breakfast in Picton...this was huuuuuge!

Stumbled across some local talent no?
Honestly..they didnt budge an inch 
their eyes were locked!

Headed off to the property...aka Dream House
and here we are pulling into the driveway and Im already getting such a great vibe off this place!

Check out the views Peeps ! Gorgeous..right down to the little bitty boat !
This is my favourite view point.
I will share images of the exterior only in this there are just way to many pics to post.
But will be sharing images of the interior as we work on each space in the home.
Kinda like a before and afer post.

Are you lovin it yet? is more

This is the best project ever...but how do you transform amazing into something more amazing?

images: Own


  1. Whoa!!! Seriously, what a gorgeous home!!! Stunning views. I love the back of the house with the gorgeous balcony. Can't wait to see what you help your sister with in each room. Glad you had a fun road trip x

  2. Absolutely amazing house. Will you be moving in there?
    Lots of love from London.


  3. Nadine - Oh I wish! sister and her family will be ..their new dream home ; )

    Amanda...the views were just so amazing...I understand why people end up moving to the country...we were instantly at ease when we hit the green pastures...and instantly tense when we hit the crazy traffic back to

  4. Anna I see a gorgeous home but would still attack it with some white paint. The deck of course and top timber part of the home. Cannot wait to see inside. Sandy x

  5. Absolutely stunning! What amazing views! Look forward to seeing what you'll do inside :) xo

  6. That is absolutely beautiful, the views are gorgeous!!!

  7. Ahhhh, the serenity :)

  8. Love this place...what a dream! :))


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