May 8, 2011


Happy Monday Lovelies!
I hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day spent with your loved ones ; )

We had a fantastic weekend...and it was a bonus that the sun was out
as it was such a glorious day.
My Mothers day began by lighting a candle and placing it by a picture of mum...saying a quiet prayer.. and taking a special moment out of todays celebrations to thank her for all she gave, taught, and passed onto me...and for being such a big part of moulding me
into the woman I am today.

It was then followed by special hugs and kisses from my two boys..
who seriously spoilt mummy this year 
with the best gift ever..and the most beautiful card written.

This is something Jacq made a daycare..with a little help of course.
Isn't it adorable?

And I scored myself this Mothers Day gift...

A new mirror for my dining area!

I have only been burning Mr White's ears on how much I loved this mirror that I saw in Target
and that I thought would fit perfectly between our book shelves..
and hubby obviously paid good attention...because here it is!

And I absolutely love it!!!
It reflects so much more natural light coming from the balcony 
which is awesome as this part of our apartment lacks alot of light.

And a found a nice spot for Mr Ed..for now I think he looks pretty happy there ; )

Another little addition to the home I recently got for the bedroom 
was this black and white Print of Paris

Am wondering wheither I should paint the frame black? what do you think?

images: Lona de Anna


  1. What a special Mums Day for you.
    Is that a disco ball reflecting in the mirror?!

  2. Yes very special...and sure is..I love disco balls ; )

  3. Oh I love the new mirror and I would paint the frame of the Paris print a glossy black!



    Art by Karena

  4. nice job mom. hubs is working his magic, obviously, with your two little ones. yes, agreed as well re: missing our recently departed mothers, Anna ... but they gave us love and taught us to love others, i'm sure you'd agree. we have much to be thankful for. happy mother's day!

  5. It is truly gorgeous when your children make things for you! Mimi xx

  6. I love that your disco ball is reflected nicely in the mirror!!! How divine. Your Mother must have been a very special lady indeed...

  7. So glad you were spoilt, what a cute card, I can't wait for Grace to make me things like that :) Nice that you were able to take time to reflect on your special Mum too. Good listening on hubby's part, love the mirror. I reckon keep it white for now for a bit and see how it feels. I adore the Paris print!!! I vote black for that frame.

  8. Oh I'm glad you had such a lovely day Anna AND you've gotta love when your hubby pays attention in those situations, 10 points Mr White! :) x

  9. How gorgeous are those little art works from your boys! And nice mirror indeed! Love nothing more than an extra mirror in the house to bring some glamour. And I agree with Karena - glossy black for the frame would look nice. xo

  10. You had some great presents, love the card, so cute!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. Hi there! I got your email about winning the competition & i am SO happy! Thankyou :)

    I thought I'd comment on here as I recently purchsed the same horses head, I must post about it with my new prints! :)


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