May 30, 2011


I am so super excited about my latest purchase for the home!
I have been keeping my eyes peeled on Ebay for ages for a round retro style
coffee table with a chrome base.

and I finally found one that is perfect!

This little baby cost me $33 on Ebay...can you believe it?

I purchased this table with the idea in mind that I would eventually 
change the table top.

Im not a huge fan of the existing really does nothing for this space in my 
living room with the  TV unit also being white...
and I really NEED a nice rug..any suggestions?

I have already put my request in to the Mr .. 
to make a nice table top in natural timber similar to this but without the stripe effect.

so does it get the thumbs up lovelies ?

images: own


  1. $33!!!!!!! No way!
    Wow that is a super bargain and yes I can totally see it with a timber top. But with a cool rug underneath the white would look fab too. Great buy my dear,

  2. What a great find Anna and a great price too! Well done. I think the timber top would look fabulous! xx

  3. Two thumbs for this and what a great price!

    xx F

  4. Anna oh yes I love it, I don't know the rest of your decor as far as a rug...a stripe or abstract with some of your colorways?

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    Art by Karena

  5. Great find what a score! Any rug would work well with the white furniture, maybe even a round one?

  6. Wow, score! I think the timber will be perfect.

  7. I agree that a rug could change everything! I just posted a pic of one i am lusting after from Lark. It might be too bright for your taste but have a look

    xo em

  8. I think it's great Anna. It doesn't need timber, just some great, colourful accessories on top and a rug underneath. I like that it matches the tv unit.

  9. Love the new table! What a great deal.

  10. waaaa <3 Only 33$ and so cute? great purchase! I would love to find one like this too! It looks great like it is and matches the tv unit, so if I were you I won't change much.. just a little decor up and you go ;) Xoxo

    Urska @

  11. Great find Anna! Love your plans for the table, I'm sure it will look incredible xo

  12. This totally gets a thumbs up! It looks awesome! If I had a big enough living room for a coffee table I would want something like this!

  13. you scored...definitely a great price. nothing wrong with changing things up after you buy it... :)

  14. Thankyou so much for your lovely comments on my birthday, it meant so much. Have a lovely week xx

  15. Oh wow!!! You've definitely scored with that gorgeous table - will be awesome with a timber top. I my hope set on a round wooden style table for our living area too - just need a bargain to pop up on Ebay like yours!!

  16. I can't believe that price, Anna! What a find indeed. J x

  17. wow what a bargain! love it!

    the sydney girl


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