May 29, 2011

MY NEW ARTWORK ON ETSY certainly feels like Winter today..cold, grey and wet...and all I want to do today is snuggle up back in bed and try and grab a few extra hours sleep which I lost last night because my little Munchkin decided to play musical beds last night..ahh the joys!

Anyway...this post isnt going to be about the weather....its to share some news..

Over the weekend the creative juices were overflowing! 
I have begun creating some Arcylic Abstract Paintings to add to my Lona de Anna Etsy store..and it has been so much fun!

These artworks will be colourful, vibrant, uplifting...but most importantly...affordable!

Here is a sneak peek at a few of my latestest creations which are now available on my Etsy Store!

What do you think?

JARDIM - Acrylic Painting

TECIDO - Acrylic Painting

SUNDOWN - Acrylic Painting

images: OWN


  1. Oh those impressionist flowers... be still my heart. You are so clever. A-M xx

  2. Anna, ditto what A-M said - gorgeous blooms x

  3. PS You'll need your own studio soon!

  4. LOVE it and the bright, pretty colors!!!

    Liesl :)

  5. OMG Anna, I love these! I really want a large artwork but just have to decide on a colour scheme and stick to it! xx

  6. Thank you ladies your wonderful comments mean so are all too kind ; ) x

    Paula..If my laundry was big enough I would ; ) x

  7. Oh my gosh so pretty I'm loving the pinks. Great work Anna x

  8. Oh, Anna, yes, the top one is my pick as well! Good for you, Sweetheart - doesn't painting bring you so much joy? J x

  9. These are beautiful Anna! I love all that detail in the first one especially, it sort of reminds me of spring :) xx

  10. Anna I am very excited about your new works of art! Beautiful!

    New very Exciting Giveaway will be up on the 1st!

    Art by Karena

  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You clever cookie! I esp love the first one, it's beautiful. Well done!!!

    P.s. I'm wishing us all a good night sleep tonight ;)

  12. I am LOVING all your pieces! Miss Walker xoxo

  13. Absolutely stunning work!


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