May 11, 2011


Did I happen to mention how creative my little Munchkin is?
Takes after Mummy ... I think
He absolutely loves to colour in, paint, make things out of play dough, 
paste and stick..bit too little for cutting just yet

And just like Mummy..he likes to think outside the circle

just check out his latest creation

Yes, My little Munchkin likes to get creative on Mummy's furniture
These specific pieces of artwork have extended into so many wonderful spaces in the home
Bedding....Wall Decals...Furniture...and even Mummy's laptop!

All I can say is THANK GOD Mummy spent the extra dollars and 
Purchased non toxic water based EVERYTHING

Or this would have been a big lesson...not only for my Little Munchkin 
but for Mummy aswell.

But how can one ever be cross with this little angel face taking a little nap?
Who just makes Mummy's heart go flip flop each time she looks at it.

I love that my little Munchkin is every so creative..and clever..and very cheeky
and it wont be long before he is all grown and I will be missing those little hand prints and
creative pieces around the home ; )

Images: Own


  1. Ha! Oh Anna, welcome to my world. Alot of creative moments here to. Look at that little sleeping face. Kids are good for the soul no doubt. I spent half an hour trying to leave the school grounds this morning as my daughter (not yet in school) had to rock climb a wall over and over and over....... :)

  2. What a cutie! And your a very smart mum for getting water based everything, I have a little one who loves to put her mark on everything also, thank god for water based! xx

  3. that was the cutest little 'love' story I have ever read anywhere. watching them sleep is the best thing for a mum's heart .. regardless of what happended during the day, their sleepy face just makes your heart swell (-:

  4. Yes, it's hard to be cross at a face like that! I have also learned the hard way that those cheap supermarket pens have a far higher price to pay in the home! Go Crayola!

  5. Your little munchkin is very cute and talented...that is excellent colouring in for his age :))
    I can totally relate to the art on furniture little one is into signing her name on walls at the moment -she's exploring new ideas - she's started school this year and loves to practise her writing!
    God bless them!

  6. Grace had fun being 'creative' with her crayons all over the table too, I was thankful for water based as well :) Jacq looks positively angelic in that shot of him napping, too cute!! x

  7. I love way he holds his tongue to get it j-u-s-t- right, deep in concentration. Do you do that too I wonder? I purse my lips like a sort of kiss...

  8. Oh god love him...He's such a treasure Anna :)

  9. Lucky he's so cute or he might get in trouble more :)
    I don't think I ever did that as a child although I do remember painting on of mum's white flowering creepers all different colours!

  10. Awww..look at him, Anna - such concentration and creative genes for sure...he is so very lovely :)

  11. Oh bless him Anna... so adorable. I particularly like the look of concentration on his face as he colours in :) x

  12. he is soooo divine....and creative....and lovely!

    of course he takes after you!

    did he receive our little parcel from postman pat yet??

    melissa x


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