May 3, 2011

COCOA AND still my beating heart

If you hear the words..Made by Girl...over the blogsphere
then you know which gem of a blog I am talking about. other than the talented Jennifer from Made by Girl !

Not only is Jennifer talented and clever, Stylish and Inspiring,
Gorgeous and ever so Genuine

Jen is now...a true Artist in the making...I kid you not!

Just check out Jen's amazing artwork on her new website
Cocoa and Hearts....and tell me you don't agree?

Seriously is there anything this gorgeous little lady cannot turn her hand to?

images via: Cocoa and Hearts


  1. I love her new website and the colours she uses are delish!

  2. Thank you so much Anna, I will mention your blog on my next thank you post :)))

  3. Ahan Artistic Girl You Rock...;)


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