Apr 6, 2011


A little pop of green added to the home....it makes me smile ..along with the gorgeous sunshine that has popped out today...pretty lucky considering we are now in Autumn : )  So Im out with my little guy to enjoy it and have a play at the park...have a wonderful Thursday lovelies! x

 images: Lona de Anna


  1. Anna, have a great day. Those images from your home are beautiful, I especially love the clock. I'm looking for something similiar for our dining room. Yours is just perfect.

  2. Thanks so much Lisa...I love that clock too!
    I purchased that one at Leura from the store The Cats Meow..wasn't overly expensive if I can rightly recall ???
    I haven't really come across anything quite similar..although I do know that Target once had a good selection of them..but not as large.

  3. Oh I love your whole bar area Anna, it looks gorgeous! The pop of green really works well! xo

  4. I have a collection of succulents. Love that display, but what about your cupboard?! It's capital 'S' Stunning!!!

  5. Lovely display...love succulents too (I can see someone has been to ikea? he he! it's an adorable little pot)
    Have a great time at the park with yr little man :))

  6. Super cute and the perfect touch indeed!

    Liesl :)

  7. Love it! You're still on your green theme :)

  8. Love green at the moment! Mimi x

  9. After Orhids, Succulents are my favorite thing to have around the house. They add the perfect amount of color and something about them just makes me think clean and crisp. Love the photo Anna, and your little bar area :)

  10. love a succulent in a white pot Anna- it reminds me of home....
    your little display is gorgeous...

    Isn't it lovely to have a little play around with displays when a season changes...& then to get out into the sunshine with the kids....

    Melissa xx

    P.S- a little package is heading J's way....xx


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