Apr 28, 2011


Yesterday I worked on some new prints for my Lona de Anna Etsy Store

(Excuse the crappy quality of pics..I'm thinking a new camera is definitely on cards! )

First one being a print copy of my Original Watercolour Painting " Primavera"
meaning "Spring"

I have it also on the cards to sell the Original Watercolour Paintings themselves.

Love all the vibrant colours in this one.

Second one being this " All is well in my World" print
A positive affirmation that I make a point of saying to myself each morning...just think its kind of a nice way to start the day...like you can tackle anything that comes your way.
This one is going to sit by my beside from now on.

So what do you think?
I appreciate ANY kind of feedback...as I value your opinions :)

images: OWN Lona de Anna


  1. Unique and looks amazing!!!

    Well done Anna :)


  2. Love them! Love the colours of the first one and love the saying of the second one, so positive!
    I'd love to see your watercolour one on a really big scale!

  3. thank you lovelies... x
    Janette- I hear ya...and working on it..if only I had 10 hands instead of two and a bucket load more of free time ; )

  4. Great work Anna! Love that you have the watercolour in print now too! xx

  5. Love the colours and what a gorgeous way to start the day:). If you had both of those prints in your bedroom you would always wake up on the right side of the bed:)

  6. Yes love the watercolour too, happy colours and a feel good mood. Bravo!

  7. Love the watercolours and your saying is so meaningful. Mimi xx

  8. Just adore the colours in your watercolour! so fresh and pretty! Love the affirmation too! Its a great way to start your day with such positivity and appreciation! Wishing for more hands/time too!!!
    Laura xx

  9. You are a talented miss. I think they're all fabulous. I love the words in the quote and how you've made the letters different sizes to emphasise it. Love x

  10. OMG Anna how did I miss this last week- I love the watercolour, once I figure out the colour direction for our lounge room I might ask you to do a custom - will you be doing custom work too? XX Samie


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